Welcome to the KING ARTHUR BOOK LIST, a massive reading list of everything Arthur!

I am a card-carrying Bibliophile, Arthurian freak and a bit OCD. This means I love reading, all-things-Arthur and lists. So it makes perfect sense that I put together this King Arthur Book List. I'm excited to share it with other Arthurian reading enthusiasts.

Books on this list are categorized by singles and series of fiction, graphic, fantasy, mystery, romance, science fiction, feminist, short stories collections and young reader. Non-fiction are excluded. Many of the books could be cross-categorized, but are not. If you don't find something in one category, just check another. Please enjoy!

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"Avalon" series of 7 by Marion Bradley Zimmer and Diana Paxson.  This series focuses on the legendary island of Avalon and the various women who fashioned the history of both Avalon and Britain.  The series includes (in story chronology):  "Ancestors of Avalon" (a group of refugees lost from the continent of Atlantis settle in Britain and establish early Glastonbury and Avalon), "Sword of Avalon" (the forging of Excalibur and its early history), "Ravens of Avalon" (inspired by Celtic warrior-queen Boudicca), "The Forest House" (set pagan 1st century that predated the founding of Avalon), "The Lady of Avalon" (interrelated stories of Avalon and various female High Priestesses), "Priestess of Avalon" (the legend of historical Helena of Constantinople), "The Heart of the Hill" (young Morgaine discovers the Omphalos stone hidden in the heart of Glastonbury Tor), and "The Mists of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley (features Igraine, Morgaine, Morgause, Viviane, Lady of the Lake, Niniane, Nimue, and Gwenhwyfar).

"Avalon" by Mary Jones.  Set in the closing days of King Arthur's reign.  The story mostly concerns the Lady of the Lake (Argante from Layamon whose predecessor is Nimue), with some recounting of her childhood.  The novel re-works the legends in feminist ways.

"The Circle Cast:  The Lost Years of Morgan le Fay" by Alex Epstein.  A reimagining of the younger years of Morgan (Morgana) le Fey as she learns and develops her magic while enslaved in Ireland.  She is sustained by her desire for vengeance upon the slayer of her father.

"Daughter of Tintagel" (aka "Morgan le Fay") series of 5 by Fay Sampson.  The series tells Morgan le Fay's story.  The first four books recount Morgan's life through the voice of different people who encountered her.  The fifth book is Morgan's own version of her life.  The series includes "Wise Woman's Telling" (Morgan's childhood and the birth of Arthur, told by her nurse, a wise woman in the old religion), "White Nun's Telling" (Morgan grows up as a prisoner in a Celtic nunnery as told by the nun charged with Morgan's safe keeping), "Black Smith's Telling" (Morgan is queen to King Urien of Rheged as Arthur emerges into fame as told by a smithy wise in the old religion), "Taliesin's Telling" (Morgan wants Arthur's love as told by the susceptible young bard Taliesin.) and "Herself" (Arthur lies mortally wounded and only Morgan can save him as told by Morgan.)

"Daughters of Merlin" by Katy Rogers.  Most do not know that Merlin had two wives and two daughters.  This is that story of Merlin and his family and specifically his two girls as they mature and begin their journey into the world of men.

"The Dragon's Dove Chronicles" series of 3 + ? (projected 8 books) by Kim Iverson Headlee.  Series includes "Dawnflight" (Gyanhumara is clan Chieftainess, Pict leader and fierce warrior.  Arthur is a Roman general.) and "Morning's Journey" (Gyanhumara and Artyr are married.  Gyanhumara is pregnant.  Both are soon to be separated while the struggle to unite Britain is ongoing.)  Romance crossover.

"The Enchantress" by Vera Chapman.  The story of Ygraine and her three daughters of magic (Morgause, Vivian and Morgan).  Merlin appears as their tutor of magic and healing.  The story shows the numerous ways these women influenced the birth, life and death of Arthur.

"Era of Dragon's:  The Lost Tales of Gwenhwyfar" series of (anticipated) 5 by Rachael Pruitt.  Set in 6th century Wales, the series follows a reimagined life of Celtic tribal Queen Gwenhwyfar.  The series begins with "The Dragon's Harp". Historical fantasy.

"Excalibur" trilogy by Angelica Harris. Series features the journey of a contemporary, dispirited woman who ends up in medieval Camelot. There she returns Excalibur and champions various causes for Arthur. The trio includes "The Quest for Excalibur", "Excalibur and the Holy Grail" and "Excalibur Reclaims Her King".

"Forever Camelot" series of 4 by J. Lynn McCoy. Series includes "Prophecy", "Entwined" "Shattered" and "Soulbound". Romance, fantasy crossover.

"Guenevere" trilogy by Rosalind Miles.  Stories of Guenevere's life from her own perspective.  She is last in a line of queens, elected Ruler of West Lands, true owner of the Round Table and guardian of the Great Goddess.  Not the passive, shrinking violet is this Guenevere.  The series includes "Guenevere, Queen of the Summer County", "Knight of the Sacred Lake" and "The Child of the Holy Grail".  Romance crossover.

"Guinevere" trilogy by Persia Wooley.  The story of Camelot and the life of Guinevere.  Related from Guinevere's point of view.  The story begins with Guinevere's description of her youth and marriage to Arthur.  It continues through her dalliance with Lancelot at Joyous Gard.  It concludes with the Quest for the Grail and the fall of the Round Table.  The trio includes "Child of the Northern Spring", "Queen of the Summer Stars" and "Guinevere:  The Legend in Autumn".

"Guinevere" trilogy by Sharan Newman.  A fairytale rendition of Guinevere's childhood, marriage to Arthur and participation in the events of Camelot.  The focus is on Arthur's queen as the much indulged child of a British Roman family and associate of the native fairy-folk.  The trilogy includes "Guinevere", "The Chessboard Queen" and "Guinevere Evermore".

"Gwenhwyfar:  The White Spirit (A Novel of King Arthur)" by Mercedes Lackey.  Gwenhwyfar gives up her true birth along the Path of the Blessing to follow the rarer Path of the Warrior.  She bows to the Ladies of the Well to become Arthur's Queen.  She meets temptation, treachery, intrigue and betrayal.

"I, Morgain" by Harry Robin. A chronicle of Arthur's origins, reign and downfall as recounted by the willful, manipulative, petulant, vengeful seductress Morgain.

"I, Morgana" by Felicity Pulman. The story of Morgan le Fay recounted in first-person by Morgan as an old woman. Schooled by Merlin and promised a kingdom, Morgan le Fay was betrayed by all. Her vengeful quest to destroy Arthur and Camelot threatens catastrophe.

"Legend of the Emerald Rose" by Linda Wichman.  The daughter and heir of Arthur and Guenevere, along with Merlin's son, quest together to save and restore the Isle of Might.

"Merlin's Descendants" (aka "Guardians of the Balance") series of 5 + ? by Irene Radford.  The series follows the lives of the great wizard Merlin's (primarily female) descendants through the age of Elizabeth I.  The first book in the series is "Guardians of the Balance".

"Merlin's Harp" by Anne Eliot Compton.  Raised in the isolated, magical world of Fey, Niviene (Merlin's apprentice and the daughter of the Lady of the Lake) must brave the outside world to help save Arthur's kingdom.

"Mists of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley. A generations-spanning retelling of the Arthurian story from the perspective of the women who influenced King Arthur and those around him (Gwenhwyfar, Viviane, Morgause, Igraine and other women less typically mentioned). King Arthur, his Knights, their battles and quests are secondary to the primary stories of the women's experiences. Celtic religion is infused throughout.

"Morgan" by Deborah Foulkes. Lady of the Lake.  Killer of Merlin.  Sister to Arthur.  All in all, a bit more sympathetic retelling of Morgan le Fae's story.

"Morgan: An Arthurian Fantasy" by Lavinia Collins. King Arthur's half-sister Morgan has been trained in witchcraft at Avalon. She must be ruthless and otherworldly powerful to defeat an alluring Lancelot, the sinister shapeshifter Merlin, and ruthless Arthur.

"Morgan le Fay" by Dozier Finley.  Beautiful, brilliant Queen Morgan le Fay and her alternate personality Princess Ula rule Britain with King Arthur and Merlyn.  Morgan takes on a third personality as a Roman scribe to help the Brits conquer Druid religious chaos.

"Paths to Camelot" series of 4 by Sara Zettel.  This series features female characters somewhat peripheral to the Arthurian story.  The series includes "In Camelot's Shadow" (Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady), "For Camelot's Honor" (Geraint and Enid from the "Mabinogion"), "Under Camelot's Banner" (Lynet and Laurel with Gawain and evil sorceress Morgaine) and "Camelot's Blood" (Laurel Carnbrea the Queen of Cambryn and Sir Agravain).  Romance crossover.

"Queen of Camelot" duology by Nancy McKenzie.  This duo is set in the 5th century. They focus on Guinevere's life, and feature her rivalry with Elaine, meeting and love of Lancelot, marriage to Arthur, Morgan's devilry, Mordred's intrigues, Gawain's revenge and Arthur's courage. The pair includes "The Child Queen" and "The High Queen".

"Seven Sisters of Avalon" series 3 + ? by Katrina Rasbold. The series follows the Champions of the Old Ways-ambassadors of Avalon as they adventure into the world at large to conserve the sacredness of magic. Series begins with "Daughters of Avalon" which features re-born Merlin and Lillian Lady of the Lake. Romance crossover.

"Silver, Jewels, and Jade" by Elizabeth Norman.  An account of Elaine's (Igraine) life before Uther.

"Tales of Guinevere" duology by Alice Borchardt. A reimagining of Arthurian legend featuring Guinevere cast as a bold, shrewd, wild and magical warrior Queen. The set includes "The Dragon Queen" and "The Raven Warrior". Dark fantasy.

"The Three Damsels" trilogy by Vera Chapman.  The three novellas are "The Green Knight" (Vivian, the fifteen-year-old niece of the Lady Morgan le Fay), "The King's Damosel" (Lynett, unwilling bride of the Round Table knight Gaheris) and "King Arthur's Daughter" (Ursulet, daughter of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere).


"Arthur & Lancelot: The Fight for Camelot" by Jeff Limke (author) and Thomas Yeates (artist). A retelling of the tragic triangle of Guinevere, Lancelot and Arthur. Part of "Graphic Myths & Legends".

"Arthur the Legend - Myrddin the Mad" and "Arthur the Warlord" by David Chauvel (author) and Jerome Lereculey (artist). Based on early Welsh legend and history, this novel relates two branches of the legend of Arthur; the extraordinary story of the seer and madman of the woods Myrddin, and the rise of Arthur as the Britons' heroic war leader. The first two volumes in a projected series of ten graphic novels.

"Calibur-First Canon of Justice" by Sam Sarkar (author) and Gary Gastonny (artist). This graphic novel is first of a 5-issue miniseries. A gunslinger King Arthur story set in 19th century Pacific Northwest.

"Camelot 3000" by Mike W. Barr (author) and Brian Bolland (artist). The series follows the adventures of magically reincarnated King Arthur, Lancelot, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table as they re-emerge into an overpopulated future world of 3000 A.D. Arthur's half-sister and nemesis, Morgan Le Fay is leading an armada of evil extraterrestrials intent on conquering Earth.

"Camelot Eternal: Volume 1" by Gary Reed (author) and Wayne Reid (artist). Neither Arthur nor Mordred died at the Battle of Camlann. Arthur continues to rule Camelot yet struggles to maintain cohesion and control of the kingdom. Mordred is Merlin's prisoner and plans revenge.

"Captain Britain" comic series published by Marvel Comics. The character was used in stories by Chris Claremont, Alan Davis and Alan Moore. Superhero Captain Britain (Brian Braddock) is endowed with legendary magical powers by his daughter Roma and Merlyn. His mission is to protect and uphold the laws of Britain. The Lady of the Lake (Niamh Chinn Oir) who lives in Avalon is featured in Captain Britain stories.

"The Chronicles of Arthur: Sword of Fire and Ice" by John Matthews (author) and Mike Collins (artist). Arthur's story of his younger years as he takes on the various challenges and adventures that shape him into the stuff of legend.

"Dead Future King" by David Flores. A comic book series of 4 + ? issues featuring the return of King Arthur to a post-apocalyptic future plagued by zombies. Arthur must again quest and save humanity. The first three issues are available in the omnibus "Dead Future King: The Collected Edition…Take 2".

"Dracula vs King Arthur - the Immortal Edition" graphic novel by Adam and Christian Beranek (authors) and Chris Moreno (artist). Vlad Dracul makes a deal with the Devil and is transported back in time to face off with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. "The eternal life of vampirism vs the immortal might of The Holy Grail" (Kickstarter).

"Excalibur" comic series published by Marvel Comics conceived by Chris Claremont. The Marvel team Excalibur is a superhero group incorporating elements of X-Men and Captain Britain. See sequel series "New Excalibur".

"Excalibur: The Legend of King Arthur (Heroes & Heroines)" by Tony Lee (author) and Sam Hart (artist). Arthur Pendragon does not remain in the obscurity of his childhood. The magician Merlin orchestrates reality to fulfill fate and launches Arthur upon his destined path.

"Frank Bellamy's King Arthur and His Knights: The Complete Adventures" by Ron Bellamy (author and artist). A complete collection of the "King Arthur" comic strip collection drawn by Bellamy for Swift in 1955-1956.

"Hellboy" series by Mike Mignola (author and artist). Hellboy is a demon descendant of King Arthur by a daughter and his son Mordred, the last living heir to Arthur Pendragon and the rightful King of England…so revealed the spirit of Morgana le Fay. Hellboy is reluctant to wield Excalibur, command the army of undead British nobility and battle the enemy Nimue's army.

"King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table" by M. C. Hall (author) and C. E. Richards (artist). In a world of wizards, giants, and dragons, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are the kingdom of Camelot's only defense against the threatening forces of evil. Fighting battles and saving those in need, the Knights of the Round Table can defeat every enemy but one-themselves!

"King Arthur: Excalibur Unsheathed: An English Legend" by Jeff Limke (author) and Thomas Yeates (artist). Guided by Merlin, a young Arthur succeeds a sword, claims a throne, dons a crown and garners knight loyalty. But can he win freedom and peace for all of Britain? Part of "Graphic Myths & Legends".

"Knights of Pendragon" comic series by Dan Abnett and John Tomlinson (authors) and Gary Erkstine (artist). Published by Marvel Comics. Knights of Pendragon (Pendragon Force) is a superhero team to be agents of the Green Knight (Sir Gawain and the Green Knight). The Green Knight is in eternal conflict with the Red Knight. Power is bestowed to various groups throughout British history by the Green Knight in an effort to protect nature. The Knights of Pendragon (Knights of the Round Table) are one such gifted group.

"Knights of the Living Dead" by Ron Wolfe (author) and Dustin Higgins (artist). Includes three short Arthurian stories of horror and dread, which feature knights, zombies, dragons and more.

"Le Morte D'Arthur Volume One, the Coming of the King" by John Matthews and Will Sweeny (artist). A graphic re-imagining of Sir Thomas Malory's epic "Le Morte D'Arthur".

"Lords of Avalon" series by Sherrilyn Kenyon (aka Kinley MacGregor) and adapted by Robin Furth (author) with Tommy Ohtsuka (artist). Includes "Sword of Darkness" and "Knight of Darkness".

"Prince Valiant" (aka "Prince Valiant in the Days of Arthur") comic strip by Hal Foster (author and artist). The story of a Nordic Prince who comes to Camelot, befriends Sirs Gawain and Tristram, earns the respect of Merlin and King Arthur, becomes a Knight of the Round Table, marries his love the Queen of the Misty Isles and fights Huns/Goths/Saxons with his powerful "Singing Sword".

"Ron Embleton's Wulf the Briton: The Complete Adventures" by Ron Embleton (author and artist). Contains illustrated "The Story of the Boy King Arthur".

"Tristan & Isolde: The Warrior and the Princess: A British Legend" by Jeff Limke (author) and Ron Randall (artist). Part of "Graphic Myths & Legends".


"The Acts of King Arthur and his Noble Knights" by John Steinbeck.  A retelling of Sir Thomas Mallory's 15th century "Le Morte d'Arthur".  A chronicle of Arthur's life, from his mysterious birth through battles and adventures to his establishment as king.

"Arthur, Bear of Britain" by Edward Frankland and Raymond H. Thompson.  A conscience-riddled Arthur refuses to take complete control after defeating the Saxons.

"Arthur the King" by Allan Massie.  A retelling of Arthur's life from his fosterage through his death; from servant boy to warrior-statesman-king and willing lover to Morgan la Fay.  Guinevere is a political convenience, Merlin a philosopher and manipulative pedophile, Lancelot a neurotic and Mordred a religious masquerading militarist.

"Arthur Rex:  A Legendary Novel" by Thomas Berger.  A reimagining of Malory and White's takes on the legend.  The glory and idealism of Arthur's court at Camelot are emphasized. Familiar characters and stories are twisted up a bit.

"Artorius Rex" by Joan Gloag.  A cynical and world-weary Kay (Caius Geladius) recalls a young Artorius' attempts to civilize Britain.

"Badon Hill" by F. J. Atkinson. Arthur's stronghold in West Britannia is threatened with a final push in the Battle of Badon. Gritty and dark. (This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Dominic Chronicles" series.)

"A Bard in King Arthur's Court" by Stanley Stratford and Miriam Salas. The story of young Celtic Owein, the Bard at King Arthur's court in the 6th century. To entertain Arthur's court, he recounts ancient Celtic folk tales and stories of the adventures of Arthur's warriors. Short story collection crossover.

"Blessed Bastard:  A Novel of Galahad" by Ruth Lehmann.  Sir Galahad; son of Lancelot, undefeated in battle, survivor of the Siege Perilous, miracle worker, successful Holy Grail questor.  A third-person telling of Galahad's life which helps us understand his later life opinions, beliefs and prejudices.

"The Bright-Helmed One" by Jane Viney. A multi-perspective view of Arthur's career via focus on the fortunes of one of his warriors, on his half-Jute wife Winifrit, on Guenevere and on Cai. Loyalty and betrayal are explored.

"Camelot Lost" by Jessica Bonito.  A unique Arthurian tale which chronicles the Pendragon line from apex to annihilation and those that tethered themselves to it.  Includes the story of Arthur's lesser-known son, Amr Pendragon.

"The Code of the West" by Aaron Latham.  A cowboy version of Arthurian legend set in Texas 1867-1885.  Jimmy Goodnight (aka Crying Coyote) is a cowboy instead of a king, but he lives with many of the moral rules and plot conflicts of King Arthur.  Jack Loving resembles Lancelot and Revelie Sanborn Goodnight mirrors Guinevere.  Lots of cowboy-talkin'.

"Coming of the King:  A Novel of Merlin" by Nikolai Tolstoy.  Epic story of the complex world and life of Merlin, from infancy to adulthood.  Set in 6th century Dark Ages Britain.  Very closely based on the Welsh Mabinogion.

"Cyr Myrddin, The Coming of Age of Merlin" by Michael de Angelo.  Set in 5th century post-Roman Britain.  This tells the story of Merlin's early life as he travels his destiny to King Arthur's court.  Merlin is shrewd but not magical.

"The Duke of War" by Walter 'O'Meara.  Flavia, a teenaged young woman of Roman descent, narrates this account of the year 500 when Duke Arthur defeats the Saxon leader Aelle at Mons Badonis (Mount Badon).

"Eagle in the Snow" by Wallace Breem. In the early 5th century, the coming of Arthur is foreseen by the chief at a strategic Roman military fortress in northern Wales. Mention of Arthur is minimal and very late in the book.

"The Emperor Arthur" by Godfrey Edmund Turton.  Merlin is evil, Guinevere is beautiful and haughty, and Arthur is a Romanized emperor.  Pelleas narrates this tale covering most of the Arthurian saga.  Set in post-Roman 6th century Britain.

"Excalibur!" by John Jakes and Gil Kane (aka Eli Katz).  A chronicle of Arthur's life-from conception to death and his Knights of the Round Table.

"The Fourth Guenevere" by John James.  Life after Arthur is a big squabble between the British kings who want marry Guenevere and take Arthur's place.  The Fourth Guenevere (fourth wife to Arthur-all of whom must carry the same name Guenevere) who could help with harmony has been abducted.  Narrated in first-person by Morvran, King of Gwent.

"Galahad:  Enough of His Life to Explain His Reputation" by John Erkstine.  The life of Galahad (Grail Knight and Lancelot's son) from before his conception to his death.  Features his relationships with three women (Elaine of Corbin, Elaine of Astolat and Guinevere).

"Gawain and the Green Knight" by Anne Eliot Compton.  The story of honor and chivalry in King Arthur's court based on the tale "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight".

"Glastonbury:  The Novel of Christian England" by Donna Fletcher Crow.  The narrative portrays Merlinus Ambrosius Dubricius as Archbishop and counselor to Arthurius and Queen Gwenhumara.

"A Glastonbury Romance" by John Cowper Powys.  This epic story chronicles a year of inhabitants' lives in the small English town of Glastonbury and the relationship between the Glastonbury and the modern world.  (Glastonbury is the hub of numerous Grail legends and the site of the Isle of Avalon.)

"The Grail Prince" by Nancy McKenzie.  Before his death, King Arthur swore the young knight Galahad to undertake a quest:  a search for the scattered treasures of an ancient king.  The future of Britain hinges upon the recovery of these powerful relics (a grail, a spear and a sword).  A coming-of-age story of Lancelot's son, Galahad.

"The Great Captains" by Henry Treece.  A gritty story about the struggle of ancient Celtic Britain's survival after the departure of the Romans.  Featured is the warrior life of Artos the Bear as told by Mordred. (This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Celtic" tetralogy.)

"Gueith Camlann: The Conflict at River's Curve Where Arthur and Medraut are Overthrown. The Death is in Britain and in Ireland" by Thomas Brown. 6th century very dark Britain. The fall of Rome, wars, new religion, plague, starvation and death are sweeping the land. The "curse" is blamed on Lord Artgur, the Bear-Man.

"King Arthur" by Frank Thompson.  A novelization of the movie by the same name.  Arthur and six of his remaining knights defeat the Saxons at Badon Hill the same day the Roman legions leave Hadrian's Wall.  In this version, Guinevere is Merlin's daughter.

"King Arthur" (aka "Koning Arthur") by J. T. (Jaap Ter) Haar.  A retelling of the story of King Arthur and his attempt to create a kingdom based on justice and mercy for all.

"King Arthur and his Ribald (K)nights" by Art Banta.  Tales of the adventures of Arthur's knights, sisters, followers and close companions as they might have happened in pagan 6th century Dark Ages.  "Ribald and zany"!

"King Arthur and the Riders of Rheged: The Story of Gwyr y Gogledd, the Men of the North" by Tomas Clare. Arthur, Urien (King of Reheged-Cumbria), Myrddin and St. Kentigern (son of Owen and grandson of Urien) are involved in the doomed attempt to drive away invading Germanic warriors and unite the Britons.

"King and Raven" by Cary James. Four drunken Knights of Camelot kill the sister of a young, poor tenant boy. He vows revenge and becomes enmeshed in the trials, tribulations and tragedies of Camelot. Dark and grim.

"King of a Lordless Country" by Roy Turner.  Dark and dismal account of the Battle of Mount Badon.  Narrated by Bedwyr.

"Kingdom of the Grail" by Judith Tarr.  An intermingling of Arthurian legend and the "Song of Roland".  The warrior Roland (a descendant of Merlin) takes up the quest for the Grail.

"Kinsmen of the Grail" by Barbara Ferry Johnson.  A story of the Grail quests of sheltered Perceval and world-weary Gawain.

"Lancelot" by Peter Vansittart. A narrative of the Arthurian saga set in post-Roman Britain. Lancelot, alone and aging, recalls his youth, his service to Ambrosius Aurlianus and meeting the whore Gwenhever. Artorius appears as a semi-barbaric, mysterious figure.

"Lancelot, My Brother" by Barbara Ferry Johnson.  First-person account by Bors of Lancelot's life at Camelot, his Grail quest, his affair with Guinevere and the downfall of the Round Table.

"The Last Knight of Albion" by Peter Hanratty.  Percevale seeks Mordred for revenge after Arthur's death.

"The Last Legion" by Valerio Massimo Manfredi.  This novel begins in 476 and continues through the decline of Rome and the battle of Mount Badon.  Uther (Romulus, the Emperor of Rome) is only fourteen years old at the end of the novel.  The prologue and epilogue are Merlin's first-person explanation.  Military conflicts are emphasized.

"The Last Pendragon" by Walter Goodwater. The story of the Pendragon line goes on. This is the tale of Arthur II (named for his famous ancestor High King Arthur Pendragon) as he attempts once again to unite the land. Rebellion, hardships, and trials confront Arthur II, but he is supported by the people of his realm who continue to fight for the last Pendragon.

"The Last Pendragon" by Robert Rice.  Set eleven years after Bedwyr disobeys the wish of dying King Arthur by secreting the magic sword Caliburn into the trunk of a tree rather than throwing it back into the Lake from whence it came.  Bedwyr returns from Rome and becomes involved with the dead king Arthur's grandson (evil Medraut's son).  This disgraced Knight of the Round Table sets about to find Caliburn and save Camelot from a Saxon warlord threatening conquer.

"The Life of Sir Aglovale de Galis" by Clemence Housman.  A third-person narrative focusing on one of Pellinore's sons and the feud between his and Gawaine's family.  A darker side of Arthurian lore.

"Merlin's Gift" by Ian McDonald.  Mordred narrates this version in which he and Guinevere join forces to protect Britain as Arthur plans to conquer Europe.

"A Midsummer Tempest" by Poul Anderson.  Set in the time of Charles I and Cromwell's rebellion.  King Arthur and the Knights of Avalon join the Royalist forces in their last stand at Glastonbury Tor.  Interwoven with Shakespearean elements and characters.  Fantasy crossover.

"The Mordred Manuscript" by Norris J Lacy.  John of Carlisle is hired by Mordred to be his scribe and make a record of Mordred's story.  Mordred blames Merlin for Arthur's rejection of him (Mordred) as a son and heir.  Mordred claims that Merlin and Arthur are megalomaniacs set on taking over the world.  Mordred views himself as heroic and noble.

"Mordred's Curse" by Ian McDonald.  Mordred narrates this somewhat crude story that recalls Arthur's refusal to name him as heir or acknowledge him as a son.  Cursed bastard, bitter and blameful is Mordred.

"Mordred's Version:  King Arthur's Dishonour" by Beric Norman.  Mordred is a well-intended, honorable guy in this version of the Arthurian saga.  Mordred is not the only flawed soul...Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot's darker sides are all exposed.  Grim, graphic, racy and yet humorous.

"Our Man in Camelot" by Anthony Price.  A story of international intrigue as spies try to discover the geographical truths behind the Arthurian legends.  Set in 20th century England. Spy-thriller.

"The Pagan King" by Edison Marshall.  6th century England is beset by Picts and Saxons and desperately needs a strong leader like Arthur, the pagan king, to turn the tide of barbarism.  Interesting personalities to the usual characters and an atypical ending.  All narrated by Arthur.

"Parsifal" by Peter Vansittart.  Modern characters appear in this new telling of the story of naïve and innocent Parsifal's search for the Grail.

"Parzival and the Stone from Heaven:  A Grail Romance Retold for Our Time" by Lindsay Clarke.  An intelligent retelling of Parsifal's quest for the Holy Grail.

"Pendragon" by Ash Greenslade.  Story weaves together many of the familiar stories of Arthurian legend.

"The Pendragon" by Catherine Christian.  The golden days of Camelot as recalled by an aged Bedivere (Arthur's foster brother).  Arthur is a Romanized Celt and Camelot is glorious.  Set in the 5th century.  Previously published as "The Sword and the Flame".  Romance crossover.

"Pendragon" (aka "Pendragon Island of the Mighty") by Wilfred Barnard Faraday.  Gwendaello (Guenevere) does not stand in the background.  She is a ruler in her own right and the successor to the Pendragon title instead of Artorius (Arthur).

"Pendragon:  A Historical Novel" by Douglas Carmichael.  Nennius's account of the twelve great battles Artorius (Arthor) fought.  Myrddin plays an influential role throughout and Arthur is still alive at the end.  Roman, military focus.

"Percival and the Presence of God" by Jim Hunter.  A story of young Percival's dual quest for Arthur and the Grail and of the strange loss that follows.

"The Queen's Knight" by Marvin Borowsky.  Arthur is a middle-aged, slow-witted oaf brought to the throne by Merlin and Mordred to be a puppet king.  Arthur uses his Yankee-like ingenuity, peasant's good sense and dream of peace to earn the kingdom's respect.

"Ragnarok" by Anne Thackery. After Arthur's defeat at Camlin, attempts are made to safeguard the Roman culture. This results in the Arthurian legendary heroics being preserved among the Saxons in the developing kingdom of Bernicia.

"Runes" and "Broken Stone" set by Robert Monaco. Tale of the adventures of Arthur's parents (a British slave and the son of the gladiator Spartacus), a young Arturus and his half-sister Morgan.

"Save Your Son:  A Tale of Arthur" by Scott Bowers.  Arthur becomes king and faces evil forces that are defeated through his belief in his Savior.  His life is forfeit through Mordred's forgiven treachery.

"Shadowland" by C. M. Gray.  A story about the dark days prior to Camelot and the rise and reign of King Arthur.  It explores the tribes of England when the Romans were withdrawing from Britain. Fantasy crossover.

"Sir Gawain's Little Green Book" by Mark J. Mitchell.  The story of the neglected hero of the Round Table-Gawain.  Gawain narrates his story.

"Song of Arthur" by James Douglas Cramer.  An old King Arthur, and his young nephew Percival struggle with their ideal of Britain as the "City of God".  Both are led to their destinies by visions.  Set 542 A.D.

"The Song of Arthur" by Robert Leeson.  Arthur is of the Old Ways and a warrior-king defending 5th century England against the invading Saxons.  The tale is told by Arthur's bard, Taliesin.

"The Summer Stars" by Alan Fist.  A fictionalized autobiography of the bard Taliesin (Merlin) as a Chrisitan monk at the end of his life in Glastonbury. Set in 6th century Britain.

"Sword at Sunset" by Rosemary Sutcliff.  A telling of Arthur as he might have actually been; a Celtic warlord and clan military leader.  Covers the history of Britain from its final abandonment by the Roman army to the death of Arthur. This story introduces Arthur's second child-a daughter.

"Then Arthur Fought" by Howard Wiseman. A "quasi-history" (as-if-it-were-true conception) of dark ages Britain and battle leader Arthur. Expansive in time and locales.

"To The Chapel Perilous" by Naomi Mitchison.  Rival journalists report on the affairs of Arthur's realm during the later years of his reign. Original and witty.

"Uther and Igraine" by Warwick Deeping.  A new version of the story of Arthur's parents (Uther and Igraine).  Uther is portrayed as compassionate, gentle, kind and pious.  His longing for Igraine drives him to be a great leader in battle.

"The War in Heaven" by Charles Williams.  The traditional search for the Holy Grail is relocated to the contemporary setting of an obscure country parish.  Much philosophical and spiritual musings regarding magic and religion.


"Arthurian Saga" series of 5 by Mary Stewart.  This series includes "The Crystal Cave" (sets up the background for the Arthurian legend), "The Hollow Hills" (encompasses most of Arthur's lifespan, including his childhood with Merlin as his tutor), "The Last Enchantment" (Merlin's later life against the continued background of Arthur's rule), "The Wicked Day" (the latter period of Arthur's rule) and "The Prince and the Pilgrim" (love story of two seekers; Alice the Pretty Pilgrim and Alexander the Fatherless).  The first three are narrated by Merlin and the last by Mordred.  Books 1-3 are included as the omnibus "Merlin's Trilogy" and books 1-4 in the omnibus "Legacy: Arthurian Saga".

"The Bear, The Dragon and the Wolf" (anticipated trilogy) by Chris Flynn. "A portrayal of the clash between cultures in Post Roman Britain" (BOTR website) featuring the birth of the myth of Arthur. Historical fiction with magical realism.

"Bedivere" (anticipated) trilogy by Wayne Wise and Dave Wachter.  Bedivere is narrator, protagonist and old.  He was also King Arthur's best friend, his right hand man, his horse lord, the first and last man to know him.  It is post-Camelot and Bedivere decides to recall and write his memories.  The first book is "Bedivere:  The King's Right Hand".

"Caliburn" trilogy by Virgil Renzulli. The series retells the legend of King Arthur, the wizard Merlin and sword Caliburn. Arthur faces challenges from the Saxons, ambitious brother, jealous women, barbaric Celtic clans and mentor-Merlin. Series includes "Caliburn", "Caliburn: Merlin's Tale" and "Gods in the Mist".

"Camulod Chronicles" (aka "A Dream of Eagles") series of 9 by Jack Whyte. Historical, military adventure, multi-generational saga in late and post-Roman Britain. The series recreates a Roman world, the rebuilding of Britain and the founding of Camelot by Arthur's ancestors. Arthurian material is introduced slowly throughout the extended series. Series includes "The Skystone", "Singing Sword", "The Eagles' Brood", "The Saxon Shore", "The Sorcerer: The Fort at the River's Bend", "The Sorcerer: Metamorphosis", "Uther", "The Golden Eagle: The Lance Thrower" and "The Eagle" (these last two featuring Lancelot).

"Crimson Chalice" trilogy by Victor Canning.  Set in the 5-6th centuries.  Warrior Arturo struggles in a Romano-British world where he is an outcast driven by what he believes to be the wishes of the Gods.  Trio includes "The Crimson Chalice", "Circle of the Gods" and "Immortal Wound".

"Down the Long Wind" (aka "Gwalchmai") trilogy by Gillian Bradshaw.  Set in Roman Britain, the trilogy's main character is Gwalchmai (Gawain), who must choose between supporting his evil mother Queen Morgawse or his maternal uncle King Arthur.  Series includes "Hawk of May", "Kingdom of Summer" and "In Winter's Shadow".  "Down the Long Wind" is the omnibus.

"Dragon's Heirs" trilogy by Courtway Jones (aka John Alan Jones).  This series includes "In the Shadow of the Oak King" (retelling of Arthurian story of very Dark Ages, which is narrated by Uther's bastard son Peleas), "The Witch of the North" (narrated by Morgan le Fay who blames Arthur's bloodline for killing her precious father.  She retaliates by placing a curse on Guenevere, rendering the queen childless) and "A Prince in Camelot" (Mordred's story of his discovery of his true identity and struggles therein).

"Firelord" trilogy by Parke Godwin.  This Romano-Celtic series represents a portrayal of Arthur's life in 5th century post-Roman, war-torn, Saxon-invaded Britain.  Artorius begins as a poor childhood servant and develops into a military war leader who successfully bands rival Celtic clans to conquer the Saxons.  The trilogy includes "Firelord" (Artorius narrates the story of his reign from his deathbed), "Beloved Exile" (Guenevere narrates the story of what occurs after Arthur's death) and series prequel "The Last Rainbow" (The story of Morgana's ancestors.  One of the characters is a young Arthur who campaigns in Scotland).

"The Grail Cycle" (aka "Le Cycle du Graal") series of 8 by Jean Markale (aka Jacques Emile Bertrand).  A rewriting in contemporary style of familiar stories from 11th and 15th centuries Arthurian manuscripts.  The volumes include "The Birth of King Arthur", "The Knights of the Round Table", "Lancelot of the Lake", "Morgan le Fey", "Gawain and the Paths of Avalon", "Perceval le Gallois", "Gilliad and the Fisher King" and "The Death of King Arthur".

"Guinevere" trilogy by Persia Woolley. Arthurian legend in the first-person voice of King Arthur's wife Guinevere. Trilogy includes "Child of the Northern Springs" (the Celtic princess' childhood, coming-of-age), "Queen of the Summer Stars" (early marriage to Arthur, battles with Saxons, love for Lancelot) and "Guinevere, the Legend in Autumn" (Grail quest and treason).

"Hallowed Isle" series of 4 short novels by Diana L. Paxson.  A reimagining of the great King Artor, his life and legacy.  Told from the perspective of distinct tribal cultures that are fighting for dominion of Britain during the chaotic 6th century.  Series includes "The Book of the Sword", "Book of the Spear", "Book of the Cauldron" and "Book of the Stone".

"King Arthur" trilogy by M. M. Hume.  A retelling of Arthur's life; how Arthur rose to power, his battle with the Saxons, failed marriage and ultimately his death.  Series includes "Dragon's Child", "Warrior of the West" and "The Bloody Cup".  This series is sequel to Hume's "The Merlin Prophecy" trilogy.

"Leader of Battles" trilogy by David Pilling.  A retelling of the grim realities of King Arthur's Dark Ages. The series includes "Leader of Battles (I): Ambrosius" set before the coming of Arthur and charts the rise/fall of heroic Ambrosius. The second book "Leader of Battles (II): Artorius" set in Sub-Roman Britain. It features the military exploits of Artorius on his path of destiny. The final book "Leader of Battles (III): Gwenhwyfar" features the rise and struggles of Gwenhwyfar, Queen of Camelot.

"The Legend of King Arthur" (anticipated) series by Andrew Luty.  The first book in the series is a re-telling of the classic King Arthur legend.  A young Arthur with his step-brother Sir Kay and their trusty squire Gawain go on a journey to save Lord Ector and take the kingdom for Arthur, the true heir of the late King Uther Pendragon.  Series begins with "The Rise of King Arthur".

"Macsen's Treasure" series of 4 by Kathleen Cunningham Guler.  The series is set in the period leading to Arthur's rise to power in 5th century Britain.  Series includes "Into the Path of Gods", "In the Shadow of the Dragons", "The Anvil Stone" and "A Land Beyond Ravens".

"Matter of Britain" (anticipated) 12 book series by Mark Adderley.  Series planned to cover the entire story of Arthur and Merlin. The series begins with Merlin as a contemporary of the rebel Boadicea in "The Hawk and the Wolf".

"Merlin of Carmarthen" 2 + ? series by Kristine Papin Jones.  An exploration of the early life and emotions of bullied orphan Merlin.  Series includes "Merlin of Carmarthen" and "Merlin of Calidon".

"The Merlin Prophecy" trilogy by M. K. Hume.  This series chronicles Merlin's life and legacy.  The first book tells of his early years, becoming healer, scientist and master strategist.  The trio includes "Battle of the Kings", "Death of an Empire" and "Hunting With Gods".  This series is prequel to Hume's "King Arthur" trilogy.

"The Pendragon Chronicles" 3 + ? series by Ruth Nestvold.  The series begins with "Yseult:  A Tale of Love in the Age of King Arthur".  A retelling of the love story legend of Yseult and Tristan.  Much historical content as Britain struggles to determine a High King while Ireland deals with the disturbance of Christianity to their Druid Old Ways.  See also sequel "Shadow of the Stone" and "Gawain and Ragnell" (an expanded version of "Shadow of the Stone").

"The Pendragon Cycle" series of 5 by Stephen Lawhead. Set in the post-Roman 5th century Britain. The series begins in Atlantis and follows Taliesin, his son Merlin and Merlin's protégée Arthur (as well as other characters of legend and history) to Britain, High King Arthur's reign, treachery and quest. The series includes "Taliesin", "Merlin", "Arthur", "Pendragon" and "Grail". ("Avalon" is considered to be a series semi-sequel.)

"Pendragon's Banner" trilogy by Helen Hollick.  The story begins in 450 A.D. when Arthur is ten.  Hollick's Arthur is a vicious opportunist, devious and manipulative, a lusty master of expedient decision and action.  A goodly Morgaine is a pagan priestess Lady of the Lake and mother to Arthur's son Medraunt (Mordred). Trio includes "The Kingmaking", "Pendragon's Banner" and "Shadow of the King".

"Warlord Chronicles" (aka "The Arthur Books") trilogy by Bernard Cornwell.  Military-focused adventures as Arthur unites Britain.  A realistic, gritty version of the Arthurian story that downplays the magic and romance, placing an emphasis on battles and politics.  The trilogy includes "The Winter King", "The Enemy of God" and "Excalibur".


"Any Old Iron" by Anthony Burgess.  An updating of the legend of Excalibur; in the land of Attila, looted by the Nazis and seized by the Soviets.  Spanning some of the great events of the 20th century, this book follows the fortunes of a Welsh-Russian family as they become bound up with the ancient sword Excalibur.

"The Arthurian Mysteries" series of 4 + ? by Tony Hays.  Set in 5th century post-Roman Britain when Britannia is a decaying, dangerous place.  Camelot does not exist.  Chivalry does not exist.  Genevieve is a fallen nun.  Warrior Arthur is a pragmatic seeking power.  Merlin is blamed for a murder.  Arthur calls on "Mad Malgwyn" to help save his reputation and glorious future.  Malgwyn ap Cuneglas becomes Arthur's companion, counsel and sleuth to solve various mysteries.  Bit gritty.  Series includes "The Killing Ways", "The Divine Sacrifice", "The Beloved Dead" and "The Stolen Bride".

"The Arthurian Omen" by G. G. Vandagriff.  A Celtic scholar is murdered when she discovers a priceless 13th century manuscript that could prove the true identity of King Arthur.  The victim's sister takes up the quest to find the manuscript and killer.

"Avalon Calling" by Jennifer Wherrett.  An author impulsively decides to retreat from hectic London to a small British village to work on writing her fifth book.  She is distracted by the discovery that twelve people disappeared from the village two decades ago.  She begins her own investigation that soon blurs her reality from another as she becomes part of the story. Avalon is calling.

"The Camelot Caper" by Barbara Peters.  The owners of an old manor in Cornwall try to create an Arthurian archaeological site by salting it with 5th century objects.

"The Camelot Code" by Same Christer.  A suspenseful exploration of the myth (or not) of King Arthur.

"The Daughters of the Round Table" (anticipated) series by Anngela Schroeder.  The first book in the series "The Quest for Camelot" is set in contemporary time and features Guinevere Arthur, a researcher for the Daughters of the Roundtable organization.  She is obsessed with all things Arthur.  She has the perfect career authenticating Arthurian artifacts and studying ancient texts.  She is contacted by a woman claiming to be a descendant of a child by Guinevere and Lancelot du Lac.  Shortly thereafter, this woman is kidnapped and her aunt is murdered.  Gwen has to prove the existence of Excalibur to insure a safe return.  Romance crossover.

"Finding Camlann" by Sean Pidgeon.  An archeologist makes a surprising discovery at Stonehenge which seems to scientifically prove King Arthur's existence.  A romance develops with the Linguist he partners with in his search for Camlann.

"A Finer End" by Deborah Crombie. A Scotland Yard detective and his partner/lover investigate a secret coming in code from a long dead monk in the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey. (This is a single with Arthurian focus within the "Kincaid & James" mystery series.)

"The Grail Murders:  Being the Third Journal of Sir Roger Shallot Concerning Certain Wicked" by Michael Clynes.  In 1522, the ancient relics the Holy Grail and Excalibur have been stolen.  Sir Roger Shallot, a Falstaffian rascal, thief, liar and coward seeks to recover the hallowed artifacts.  Decapitated heads, mysterious fires and an eerie Templar Chapel play parts.  Humor throughout.

"Grave Goods" by Ariana Franklin.  This volume is set in the late 12th century.  It features a mysterious fire at Glastonbury Abbey that reveals two skeletons rumored to be the remains of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Part of the "Mistress of the Art of Death" series.

"The Green Knight's Apprentice" novella by Virginia Chandler.  A reimagining of one of the lesser familiar aspects of Arthurian legend-the Green Knight.  This is the tale of the Green Knight's apprentice as he serves the Green Knight while trying to keep the Old Ways of the ancient druids. Fantasy crossover.

"The Idylls of the Queen:  A Tale of Queen Guenevere" by Phyllis Ann Karr.  Queen Guenevere is hosting a dinner party.  Before the end of the evening, a young knight has fallen dead of poison.  Arthur's beloved, unfaithful queen stands branded as a murderess and condemned to death.  A quest for the real killer and proof of Guenevere's innocence ensues.  Comical.

"King Arthur's Bones" by the Medieval Murderers (five familiar mystery authors).  This is a collection of five novellas set between 1291 and 1818.  All the stories have to do with a set of bones discovered in Wales and rumored to be those of King Arthur.  The bones are unburied and reburied throughout time with each "new" discovery bringing murders and mayhem.

"Merlin Investigation" 3 + ? series by J. M. C. Blair.  The series begins with "The Excalibur Murders" (legendary Excalibur and an ancient artifact are stolen, a squire is murdered and Merlin with his apprentice conjures to catch all).  See also "The Lancelot Murders" (Lancelot is accused of murdering Queen Guenevere's father, she begs Merlin to prove his innocence) and "The Pendragon Murders" (King Arthur's potential heirs are mysteriously dying and Merlin proves some culprit more sinister than the plague).

"Paper Grail" by James Blaylock.  A contemporary take on the classic Grail Quest.  The Paper Grail is a 19th century Japanese sketch that had once been shaped into a cup and used to gather blood.  A Northern California museum curator discovers the Paper Grail's mystery. Fantasy crossover.


"Believe" by Victoria Alexander.  A 20th century professor "non-believer" is sent back to Arthurian time by Merlin.  She meets Galahad the Chaste and is to help him in his Grail quest.  Both discover passion and love.

"The Brides of Alba" trilogy by Linda Windsor.  The series is set in late 6th century Scotland.  The series is a Christian historical romance that interweaves Arthurian lore throughout.  The trio includes "Healer", "Thief" and "Rebel".

"Camelot" series 4 + ? by Cynthia Breeding.  This series begins with "Prelude to Camelot" which looks into the childhood of Arthur, his associates and Camelot.  Followed by "Camelot's Destiny", "Fate of Camelot" and "Camelot's Enchantment". Historical/fantasy crossover.

"Camelot" series 2 + ? by Donna Grove (aka Delynn Royer).  The first book "A Touch of Camelot" is an Arthurian western romance set in 1879 San Francisco, Virginia City and Kansas.  It features con artist Guinevere Pierce, her kid brother Arthur, Pinkerton Detective Cole Shepherd (Lancelot).  The sequel is "Search for Camelot".  This story is set in 1892 Philadelphia, London, Glastonbury and Edinburgh.  The footloose American college student Arthur Pierce meets aloof British bluestocking (and Arthur historian) Chelsea Delafield.  Arthur receives a clue to Excalibur's location.  He and Chelsea quest to find fabled Excalibur and fall in love during their adventure.  Mystery crossover.

"Camelot and Vine" by Petrea Buchard. A middle-aged, marginally successful (and marginally functional) Hollywood actress is thrust back into the time of legendary King Arthur.

"Camelot Reborn" (anticipated) series by Sharon Ashwood. The first book "Enchanted Warrior" the great Knight Gawain awakens centuries after the collapse of Camelot. In the search for his companions, he meets a magical witch at a medieval theme park who he must trust to help him save humanity from a faery onslaught. Fantasy crossover.

"The Children of Avalon" trilogy by Meredith Bond (aka Merilyn Wolff). Stories follow the lives of children of Avalon (descendants of Merlin). Includes a power-hungry villainous Nimue and the goodly Morgan le Fay (ruler of Avalon) who are foretold to return magic to the world. Medieval setting. Series includes "Air: Merlin's Chalice", "Water: Excalibur's Return" and "Fire: Nimue's Destiny". Fantasy crossover.

"The Dragon Lord's Daughters" by Bertrice Small.  These are the sensual adventures of Maia, Averil and Junia--the daughters of King Arthur's descendant (Lord Pendragon) as they search for love and passion in a land rife with political intrigue, danger and magic.

"Druids of Avalon" series of 4 by Joy Nash. The Druids of Avalon are clan of Celtic Shamans who are ancestors of the great King Arthur. These are their stories. Series includes "Celtic Fire", "The Grail King", "Deep Magic" and "Silver Silence". Historical/fiction crossover.

"Drustan the Wanderer: A Novel Based on the Tristan and Isolde Legend" by Anna Taylor. A simpler reworking of the legend of lovers Tristan and Yseult.

"The Enchanted Cup" by Barbara Ferry Johnson. An examination of the conflict of love versus duty in the tragic romance between Tristan and Isoud.

"The Enchanter" by Christina Hamlett.  Merlin has escaped the Crystal Cave and come to the 20th century to rescue Excalibur.  A journalist falls in love with him.  The story alternates time periods.

"First Knight" by Elizabeth Chadwick. A novelization of the 1995 Columbia Pictures film "First Knight" which features the tragic love between Lancelot Du Lac and Guinevere-Lady of Leonesse. King Arthur names Lancelot his First Knight. Lancelot's loyalty to Arthur is mightily tested by his love for Queen Guinevere.

"Guinevere:" trilogy by Lavinia Collins. A chronicle of the life and loves of the Queen of Camelot. The trilogy which includes "The Warrior Queen", "A Champion's Duty" and "The Day of Destiny". The trilogy is contained within the omnibus "Guinevere: A Medieval Romance".

"Guinevere's Gift" by Nicole St. John (aka Norma Johnston).  An Arthur-Guinevere-Lancelot love triangle set in the 20th century as a Gothic romance.

"The Knights of Camelot" series of 9 by Sarah Luddington. The series explores the relationship between Lancelot and Arthur. A goodly Morgan is a featured character. The first book is "Lancelot and the Wolf".

"Knights of the Round Table" trilogy by Gwen Rowley.  The mysterious aura of the Round Table Knights is well represented in these beguiling stories.  "Lancelot" begins the series followed by "Geraint" and "Gawain".  Paranormal romance.

"Lady Pendragon" by Marly Mathews.  A different twist on the Arthurian story:  Arthur and his sisters are powerful, Morganna is not entirely evil, Queen Gwen is silly and over-religious.  Time travel and other stuff of fantasy included (monsters, giants, elves).  "Spicy".

"The Last Pendragon Saga" 6 + ? by Sarah Woodbury.  Set in 7th century Wales, these are the adventures of Arthur's heir Cadwaladr ap Cadwallon and his love Rhiann.  This paranormal romance begins with "The Last Pendragon". Originally this series was published as 2 volumes "The Last Pendragon" and "The Pendragon's Quest".

"Lionors" by Barbara Ferry Johnson.  This is a story about Arthur's secretly wed wife, uncrowned queen and mother of his daughter.  The title character is mother of Arthur's blind son.  The story is based on a brief passage in Mallory which tells of Arthur's affair with Earl Sanam's daughter.

"The Little Wench" by Lindsay Phillip. The novel features the love affairs within Camelot in the 12th century. Gwinevere is the "wench".

"The Lovers" by Kate Hawks (aka Parke Goodwin).  A retelling of the story of Trystan and Yseult set against the backdrop of Arthur's Britain.  Conveyed from Gareth's point of view.

"Mageverse" series of 9 by Angela Knight. Twisting Arthurian legend and vampires. Erotic fantasy. The series begins with "Seduction's Gift" found within the anthology "Hot Blooded" followed by full length novel "Master of the Knight".

"Merlin's Kiss" by Stephanie Burke. Most of this novel takes place in the distant future after an apocalyptic nuclear war. Brieana, whom Merlin has placed in suspended animation, awakens to discover Excalibur and her destiny as the Woman of Legend. Merlin and the Lady of the Lake (Nimoae) are the only traditional Arthurian characters. Explicit sex scenes.

"Merlin's Legacy" (aka "Merlin's Daughters") series of 6 by Evans Quinn Taylor (aka Carla Simpson). The story of Merlin's three daughters who are fierce, magical, wise and sexy. The series includes "Daughter of Fire", "Daughter of the Mist", "Daughter of Light", "Shadows of Camelot", "Dawn of Camelot" and "Daughter of Camelot".

"Mordred and the King" by John Michael Curlovich.  This brings a story to life that had only been hinted at in classic Arthurian legend…the romance between King Arthur and his nephew Prince Mordred.

"Morgen of Avalon" trilogy by Carol J. Weakland.  Morgen and Arthur are not the typical adversaries in this series. Morgen is Faerie Goddess and Queen of Avalon. She is dedicated healing and teaching peace. As a changeling she assumes mortal form, and becomes Arthur's healer, true love and partner in creating a peaceable Britannia. Also featured in the series is Eliana (daughter of Merlin and Morgen). This series includes "Morgen of Avalon:  Dream Spell", "Morgen of Avalon:  Child of Destiny" and "Epiphany".

"New Camelot" series 3 + ? by Torie James.  The first series book "Timeless Night" is set in 21st century LA.  King Arthur and all endeavor to best the Fae.  "Timeless Desire" tells of Gawain and his wife Nimue who fiercely hate each other, yet try to love.  All the while, Arthur and his knights face Uther and foe.  Paranormal romance. Fantasy crossover.

"Night of the Dragon" by Peggy Webb.  Time travel to Camelot where true love is found.  Paranormal romance.

"Prince of Dreams" duology by Nancy McKenzie.  A retelling of the tragic tale of star-crossed lovers Tristan and Isolde in 6th century post-Arthur Britain.  See sequel "Dreamer of Lyonesse".

"Queen's Champion: The Legend of Lancelot Retold" by Cris Newport. A retelling of Lancelot's life and love for Lady Guinevere. Lancelot is not the usual cowed adulterer of legend.

"Queen's Honor" 2 + ? series by Mande Matthews.  The novella starting the series "Betrothal" is told from the point of view of young Guinevere as she is caught between the responsibility of her crown and the desires of her heart.  Lady Guinevere, Sir Lancelot and King Arthur are featured.

"The Road to Avalon" by Joan Wolf. Arthur and half-aunt Morgan share a secret love. Once he is king, Arthur weds the Celtic princess Gwenhwyfar, yet he and Morgan remain lovers. With Arthur's blessing, Gwenhwyfar finds love with close friend and ally Bedwyr. Arthur goes on to unify the British tribes, repel the Saxon threat and establish peace. The story is sympathetic to Morgan, Gwenhwyfar and Morgause. Historical/fiction crossover.

"Road to Camelot - The Arthurian Trilogy" trilogy by Marti Phillips (aka Ann Phillips).  A three novel collection of medieval love stories set near three different possible locations of Camelot. "Lancelot's Crystal" takes place in 14th century Northern Scotland.  "Prince of the Mists" follows the adventures of a 20th century writer who travels back in time to Wales to fall in love and witness the last days of Camelot.  "Swords and Roses" takes place around Cadbury Castle in the 15th century where Merlin and ghostly Knights of the Round Table mingle with the romantic affairs between Alesandra and the exiled Sir Geoffrey de Chaunce.

"Road to Camelot II - The Lancelot Legacy" by Marti Phillips (aka Ann Phillips).  A three novel collection which includes "The Warrior Prince", "Lancelot's Legacy" and "Lancelot's Crystal".  Lancelot's plight and Mordred's treachery featured.

"The Secret of Excalibur" by Sahara Foley. Set in modern times. A freak accident changed an ordinary guy (Arthur Merlin) into an extraordinary guy with superpowers (including telepathy, pyrokinesis and telekinesis). His friends fear him, the CIA is trying to control him, so he teleports to London Institute of Psychic Research. He begins an affair with a female PHD from the Institute and together they investigate sightings of the Lady of the Lake and Excalibur. Racy sexual content. Fantasy.

"Sons of Camelot" 2 + ? series by Sarah Luddington. Stories featuring Arthurian characters gay and bisexual. Series begins with "Pendragon Legacy". This series follows and continues with characters/stories from Luddington's "Knights of Camelot" series.

"Twilight of Avalon" trilogy by Anna Elliott. Set 6th century Britain. This series begins with "Twilight of Avalon: A Novel of Trystan and Isolde". It is a retelling of the Trystan and Isolde (daughter of Mordred and granddaughter of Morgan le Fay) myth from Queen Isolde's perspective. The series continues to focus on lovers Trystan and Isolde in "Dark Moon of Avalon: A Novel of Trystan and Isolde" and "Sunset of Avalon: A Novel of Trystan and Isolde".

"Tristin and Isolde: A Retelling of the Legend" by Anne Kinsey. A novella re-imagining the medieval legend of Tristan and Isolde. It is the story of Isolde, a beautiful Irish princess and the two men who love her – the King of Cornwall and his nephew Tristin, a knight torn between loyalty and passion.

"The (Crimson) Vixen" by A. Dee Carey. A shape-changing woman/pirate/fox. An enchanted lover. Lancelot has kidnapped Guinevere. Druids determining who rules Ireland. Merlin is in the mix somewhere. And Arthur may find his Round Table count is down by one who follows the woman of his dreams.

"The White Raven" by Diana Paxson. A retelling of the tale of Drustan and Esseilte (Tristan and Iseult). A story of the forbidden love a young princess from Ireland feels for a knight in the court of her elderly husband King Mark of Cornwall. Told from the point-of-view of Esseilte's cousin and personal servant, Branwen. Rich in Celtic lore and romance.

"White Rose of Avalon" by Kelley Heckart.  The Arthurian story reimagined from the faery perspective- Gwenhwyfar is half human and half faery and suffers betrayal, revenge and forbidden love.  Morgaine is the Faery Queen who wants to restore the Goddess Faith with Avalon at the center. Spicy romance with Celtic fantasy.

"White Wolf of Avalon: Werewolf Knight" by Eva Gordon. Central to this story is the love interest between a human wolf maiden and her intended white alpha lycan (werewolf). Appearances are made by King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table, Fae of Avalon, Camulod, Morgause (evil seductress), Morgen le Fey (good witch) and Mordred (nefarious). (This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Wolf Maiden Chronicles" series.)


"Angel of the Vail" by Wentworth Johnson. A university drop-out is whisked through time to fight alongside Arthur and another English folk hero.

"Arthur, King" by Dennis Lee Anderson.  Arthur has been sent through time by Merlin's magic to pursue a time-hoping Mordred, the stolen Excalibur and Merlin's Book of Prophesy.  In 20th century WWII, Arthur becomes a Spitfire pilot while Mordred infiltrates the Luftwaffe.

"Arthur Returned" by Tony Warburton.  King Arthur returns in modern times as English ambassador to the UN.  He is asked to intervene and find a solution to the Russian-Mongolian conflict.

"Avalon:  The Return of King Arthur" by Stephen Lawhead.  This novel is a post script to Lawhead's "Pendragon" cycle.  In the not-too-distant future, the drunken King Edward IX kills himself to leave the British throne vacant.  The scheming Prime Minister has ambitions to become the realm's first president.  The mysterious sage, Embries (Merlin) insists that Captain James Arthur Stuart (Arthur reincarnate) is the rightful king.

"Awake, King Arthur" by Glen Batchelor.  King Arthur awakens after 1500 years into the 1970s.  Britain is ruled by his nephew Mildred (Mordred succumbed to a sex change by Excalibur 1500 years ago).  Arthur's weapon is a bit different with Excalibur now an electric guitar and Round Table Knights now a punk rock band.  Let the battle (of the bands?) begin.  Comic fantasy.

"Berserker: The Bull Chief" by Chris Carlsen (aka Robert Holdstock). Arthur, Warlord of the Britons, finds the Berserker and seeks to exploit his invisibility, savage and skill to protect the land from invaders. Brutal, gritty. (This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Berserker" trilogy.)

"Beyond the Legend" by Jo Ann Mason.  Sir Prince Mordred was raised by evil mother Morgan Le Faye.  However, orphan Marianna (raised by Merlin) believes Mordred can be reclaimed and saved.  Mordred accepts this challenge of a goodly salvation.

"The Blade's Edge:  Forever After" by Matt Booker.  Old Celtic myth and early Arthurian legend inspired this tale of Excalibur's true heir.  Mordred is a secondary character and portrayed as a "sadistic monster" being hunted by the novel's protagonist.  Dark fantasy.

"The Blind Knight" by Gail Van Asten. A long-lived reincarnated Uther Pendragon (Prince of the Fairie and immortal brother of Merlin) trains a blind, albino youth to be his heir and husband to his daughter. This new Pendragon claims his inheritance, uses Excalibur to locate Arthur's tomb in Glastonbury, then returns the sword to the Lady of the Lake.

"The Chamber of Merlin" by Brandon Alexander Daunno.  1500 years ago wizard Merlin drained all magic from the earth moments before evil spirit Niven imprisoned him.  Later, desperate to regain a physical form, Niven cracks the seal allowing magic to bleed out.  With a body Niven can rediscover Avalon-the source of all magic.

"Conquest" (aka "The Green Man") by Lynn Abbey. The last High Priestess of Avalon and her half-sister share responsibilities as Lady of a Manor (which is the last bastion of ancient Celtic pagan and magic) after the death of Lady Ygurna. Set 11th century England. (This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Unicorn and Dragon" series.) Romance crossover.

"The Demise of a Dragon" by Harry Ewing.  Sigrud, a born dragonslayer, combines forces with the wizard Merlin to try to slay the last living dragon.

"Dominion" by Fred Saberhagen.  Two ancient, ruthless beings (Merlin and Morgan La Fay) lock in a struggle for the ultimate magic weapon, and bring their blood feud to contemporary New York City.  Vampire Vlad Tepes races to hide the coveted weapon while Merlin finds himself in Chicago trying to fend off Nimue's plan for world control.

"The Dragon in Lyonesse" by Gordon R. Dickson.  After their final battle, Arthur and his Knights retreat under the sea to Lyonesse.  Now Lyonesse is threatened by a resurgence of the Dark Powers.  A 20th century mathematician who can become a dragon at will (the Dragon Knight), and his allies are called upon to assist Arthur to stop the Darkness.

"Dragon Lord" by David Drake.  Warlord King Arthur wants to further destroy the Saxons and protect his kingdom using a dragon.  Merlin informs him a skull from a lake monster is required.  Two of Arthur's mercenaries take on the quest.  Skull is found.  Dragon is made.  Battle is on.

"The Dragon Rises" by Adrienne Martine-Barnes.  King Arthur is The Dragon, an immortal warrior force reincarnated again and again throughout time.  This time he is reborn in a distant future when he leads his space fleet to victory.  Romantic space opera.

"Drawing of the Dark" by Tim Powers.  Depiction of an eternal King Arthur.  He is reincarnated as an Irish soldier of fortune in 1529 to help defend Vienna against the Turkish siege.

"Excalibur" by Anne Sanders Laubenthal.  Arthurian magic in a modern setting.  Incorporates sword and grail symbology with tarot magic.  A descendant of a Welsh prince discovers the Sword of Power in 20th century Mobile, Alabama.  Strange things begin to happen and characters from Arthurian legend appear in reincarnations to keep past events from repeating themselves.

"The Excalibur Alternative" by David Weber.  A third-person narrator describes the history of Sir George Wincaster.  Wincaster is an English feudal baron who becomes a self-styled Arthur working to free "protected" races from being enslaved by an intergalactic federation of "superior" races.  Covers time 1341 to 2100 B.C. and locations Earth to deep space.

"Excather" by Gregory J. Downs. The Pendragons have brought peace to Caledonia. The current ruler Arthur is thought to be last of the Pendragon line. He and his Knights battle the magical Witches of Avalon for complete dominion over the ancient land. Caught in the waring is Mordred who seeks vengeance at any cost. (Previously published as two books "Mordred Parts 1 and 2", and "Chalice" of the "Excather Cycle" series.)

"Exiled from Camelot" by Cherith Baldry.  A tale of Arthur's exiled liege Sir Kay and his struggle to save Camelot from evil sorcery, war and doom.

"For King and Country" by Robert Asprin.  Strife in contemporary Northern Ireland involving the IRA versus the Orangemen.  A time travel lab is breached and subsequently the consciousness of Arthurian notables from 500 A. D. become inhabited by the time travelers.  SAS Captain Trevor Stirling must pursue a villain back into time to prevent the historical King Arthur's assassination.

"Future King" by Larry Pontius. Set in alternative 21st century. Charles is Britain's King and the country is in crisis; suffering from "The Troubles" with inflation, unemployment and crumbling infrastructure. Furthermore, the power-hungry Prime Minister is taking advantage of the crisis to become Dictator. The Royal Family is kidnapped and an asteroid smashes into the Cornwall Coast. The wizard Merlyn is freed from cave imprisonment and sets out to awaken Arthur when England needs him most.

"Grailblazers" by Tom Holt.  The Grail Knights live on forever and ever and ever and ever and deliver pizza.  Comic fantasy.

"Guns of Avalon" by Roger Zelazny.  Prince Corwin of Amber revisits the fabled land of Avalon in preparation for the ultimate war of revenge to claim the throne in the true world.  Bits of Arthurian legend interwoven.

"Here Abide Monsters" by Andre Norton.  Merlin is a half-breed:  human and space alien.  The war between Light and Darkness is recast into a war between two space-going races.

"Here, Be Dragons" by James A. Owen. Three strangers meet in London and find themselves fleeing aboard a Dragonship to Archipelago of Dreams. They are to be the caretakers of Imaginarium Geographica, an atlas of imaginary lands. Once there, they battle over Arthur Pendragon's throne to avoid placing the evil Winter King (Mordred) in charge. (This is a single with Arthurian features within the 7 book series "The Chronicles of Imaginarium Geographica".)

"Iseult: Dreams That Are Done" by Dee Morrison Meaney. A reinterpretation of the legendary romance of Tristan and Isolde (Iseult). This novel attends more to magic and sorcery than romance.

"Jurgen:  A Comedy of Justice" by James Cabell.  A roguish time-traveler adventures through a supernatural dreamscape.  His exploits include romances with Guenevere and the Lady of the Lake.  Bawdy humor.

"Keeper of the King" by Nigel Bennett.  Richard d'Orleans (Lancelot) becomes a vampire before taking on the assignment of protecting King Arthur.  After that, he is working as a security consultant in Toronto, battling against another assassin vampire.  Lancelot and Arthur seek and find the Holy Grail as a secondary plot.

"The King" by Donald Barthelme.  Satirizes Britain, WWII and Arthurian ideals.  King Arthur and his Round Table Knights battle Hitler while Guinevere's infidelities are broadcast throughout Berlin.  (Black and white wood cutting illustrations by Barry Moser.)

"King of Summer" by Wayne Wise. A dark fantasy involving Arthurian archetypes. A group of small town teenagers band together to stop the menacing Winter King from destroying the world. This same task was taken on by local kids 70 years prior.

"The Last Prince of Lyonesse" by Frances Evlin.  Set 1099 on Lyonesse-the magical island and once retreat of King Arthur.  Features adventures to save the life of young Prince Aneurin, the reincarnation of fabled King Arthur.

"Legacy" by Steve White.  A U.S. Space Force meets King Arthur in a battle to save the Universe.  Time travel sci-fi.

"Life with Lancelot" by John T. Phillifent.  A mighty alien race finds a near-death human (Galactopol agent Lancelot) in a shipwreck.  They piece him back together using his own remains, heal him and send him back to Earth.  Lancelot returns to Earth a hero, but is he human?

"Lost History of Redwyn" by William Jay. Set in the 14th century ruins of Camelot. A young magician retreats into the Grinmere Forest where he finds King Arthur's sword Excalibur, removes it and discovers it has magical powers. He meets Merlin. He ends up saving an orphanage, a Lady and stops the spread of the Black Plague by false monks.

"The Merrikan King" by Gerry Green. An American Forestry Consultant discovers a magical shield which transports him back in time. He meets a disheveled Merlin who claims the bewildered time-traveler is the prophesized reincarnation of King Arthur. Can either man fulfill conditions of a prophecy to save the world? Adventures ensue.

"Merlin" by Robert Nye. A dark and twisted account of the life of mage Merlin (spawn of an incubus and virgin). Full of corruption, infidelity, betrayal and humor.

"Merlin and Company" by Alva Cunqueiro and Colin Smith.  The spells, enchantments, inventions and magic continue much in demand of a retired Merlin.

"Merlin and the Dragons of Atlantis" by Rita and Tim Hildebrant.  This is about Merlin before Arthur, set a millennium in the past.  Merlin is from the incredibly technological world of Atlantis.  He rebels and spends years seeking to destroy the lasts of Atlantis' terrible creations-the dragons.

"Merlin and the Last Trump" by Collin Weber.  Merlin, the ghost of Uther and Knight Griswold des Arbes time travels to 1987, 2090 and 3797 to save mankind from the evil Nemestis.  Humorous fantasy.

"Merlin the Sorcerer" by William P. Burch.  Contemporary archeologist Merlin Lakin discovers the secret to time travel.  He is sequestered back to King Arthur's era, becomes the Merlin of legend and affects the course of Arthur's reign.

"Merlin's Bones" by Fred Saberhagen.  A weaving together of the fairy realm and Camelot with our distant future.  The Fisher King, Morgan le Fay and Mordred all want control of a hypostator machine, a device capable of altering fundamental reality.  Bones from newly deceased Merlin protect a fortress.  Shortly after the death of King Arthur, a troupe of strolling players come upon a strangely unfinished castle, where they find the secret hiding place of Merlin's bones.

"Merlin's Mirror" by André Norton.  Arthur is indeed the once and future king, sealed by the "half star-born" Merlin in a chamber until future space travelers are able to heal him.  Meanwhile, Merlin is the product of cross-breeding with aliens.  Merlin's mission is to produce a leader (Arthur) who can champion humankind back to enlightened reason and the stars.  He must battle the evil half-breed Nimue, Lady of the Lake.

"Merlin's Wood" by Robert Holdstock.  The story of the feuding undead spirits of Merlin and enchantress Vivien.

"Moonheart" by Charles DeLint.  This tale has Merlin gone corrupt.  Taliesin is the hero.

"Mordred" by Douglass Clegg. Mordred narrates the story of his young life growing up in Brittany under the tutelage of magical Merlin. Mordred is a sympathetic and romantic hero-strong, smart and gay. The usual Arthurian components are uniquely re-imagined. (Unclear status regarding plans for a trilogy.)

"Morlock Night" by K. W. Jeter.  Arthur and Merlin must keep the evil Morlocks from using the time machine to invade and menace 19th century England.  Steampunk sci-fi.

"The Once and Future King: The Awakening" by Tom Averna. An unassuming professor is compelled to write about Merlin (Merlanu) and discovers he is actually writing about his own true identity and purpose. Merlanu must convince a band of rogue angels (who have taken human form and rule as gods) of their truth. Lots of Greek mythology.

"Orion and King Arthur" by Ben Bova.  The time-traveling god Orion narrates this story.  He has defied his creator Aten again by serving as Arthur's squire; assisting and protecting Arthur from before his coronation until his death.  Witch princess Morganna is a meld of Morgan and Morgause.  (This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Orion" series.)

"Pendragons' Requite:  King Arthur Triumphant!" by Victor C. Brice.  The King Arthur clan reemerges in 21st century Baltimore, Maryland.  All the old, unforgiven conflicts are brought forward and the Knights of the Round Table are divided in a civil war.  Then comes an urgent message from Queen Vivian, sovereign of mystic Avalon.

"Percival's Angel" by Anne Eliot Crompton. Percival quests for the Grail and is aided by his childhood magical Fey friend Lili. Lili's quest is for a human heart. Lili relates the story in first-person.

"Port Eternity" by C. J. Cherryh (aka Carolyn Janice Cherry).  The android "made people" on a stranded spacecraft begin asserting their personalities.  Elaine-the maid, Lancelot-programmed lover and household manager, Vivien-keeper of accounts, Gawain and Lynette-pilots, Percival and Mordred-engineers.

"Promethean Age #1:  Blood and Iron" by Elizabeth Bear.  Faeries co-exist in another-world with the modern world. A group of Mages has formed to destroy the Faerie. References to Arthurian lore with characters King Arthur, Merlin and Morgan le Fay. (This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Promethean Age" series.)

"Raum" by Carl Sherrell. An immortal demon lord from the Netherworld is accidentally summoned to King Arthur's Britain. He slays knights with abandon. However, when the Paladins (Holy Knights) challenge Raum, he has a change of heart. Still evil but now knightly, he defies a summons home by his evil Lord and remains on earth as a Paladin. ("Skraelings" is the companion although does not feature Arthuriana.)

"Return from Avalon (and Points West)" by Rusty Rhoad.  A bored bookseller is having strange dreams.  He sets upon a journey east, goaded by his dreams.  He certainly doesn't expect a quest to find the King Arthur of poetry, or a journey into a parallel world.  The story is conveyed in a series of letters written by this main character to his ex-wife.

"The Return of Merlin" by Deepak Chopra.  Most of this novel takes place in contemporary England.  The souls of Merlin, Arthur and Mordred continue to struggle in the 20th century.  Arthur McCallum, a young English policeman, battles the evil forces of Mordred with the help of Melchoir, Merlin's apprentice.

"The Secret of Excalibur" by Andy McDermott. The series features the adventures of a young American archaeologist and a former British SAS soldier. In this story they search around the world in a deadly race for the legendary sword Excalibur. (This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase" series.)

"Seven Magical Jewels" by Robert Adams. A man of the 21st century is drawn through a hole in space and time. He is exalted as a noble warrior. He is chosen to defend Arthur III and his realm against a deadly menace seeking to overthrow Arthur. (This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Castaways of Time" series.)

"Siege Perilous" by E.D. deBirmingham (aka Nicole Galland). Set in medieval 13th century during the final months of the siege of the Cathar stronghold Montségur in southwestern France. A young fugitive from Rome safeguards a mysterious and powerful chalice. She hides with the persecuted and embattled Cathars. Percival, the Shield-Brethren Knight from the Mongoliad, is consumed with Holy Grail visions. She is drawn to the besieged Montségur where she seeks her destiny. A bit lighter on the fantasy with a good blend of historical fact. (This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Mongoliad Cycle" series.)

"Sir Kay's Quest" by Cherith Baldry.  Novella based on the tale of the "Poisoned Mantle".  Sir Kay prevents the mantle from circulation amongst the Knights.  Kay challenges the woman who brought it and sets off in quest to find her.  Sir Gawain accompanies him.

"Star Spring" by David Bischoff. Search for the Grail within a computer generated fantasy world. This is one story line of several within a complicated plot.

"Taliesin and Avagdd" by Moyra Caldecott. A retelling of the story of Taliesin's birth and support for his ugly brother Avagdd in the winning of a beautiful girl. Closely based on a story in the Welsh Mabinogion.

"That Hideous Strength" by C. S. Lewis.  This story brings Merlin and the Fisher King to the nuclear age to restore the world after a holocaust.

"Three Hearts and Three Lions" by Poul Anderson and Donato Giancola.  A wounded 20th century soldier awakens as Ogier the Dane, and encounters the sorceress Morgan le Fay as Dark Powers threaten the world.

"Time and Again" by R. Stachowiak.  Throughout the years, magicians Merlin and Morgan le Fay have watched over mankind, which is again in need of the hero Arthur Pendragon.  Only his Champion (a contemporary government agent) can break his slumber.

"The Timeweavers" by Morgan and Kat Fitzsimons. A crash landing on Earth strands the Timeweavers. Through their time the legend of King Arthur was born again through Artorias who fights against Medraut's evil.

"The Unnamed Sword" by Len Robertson.  Merlin guides Knight Gawain as he embarks on a mission to save a dying girl, defend Earth and discover the heritage of his sword.

"Under a Velvet Cloak" by Piers Anthony. A young courtesan lives in the time of King Arthur has the powers of Seer. Gawain and Morgen le Fay are central characters to her development. A curse is laid upon her which she passes on to her unborn son by Gawain. She seeks to have the curse removed from her and her vengeance is mighty. Lots and lots of sex. (This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Incarnations of Immortality" series.)

"Visa for Avalon" novella by Bryher.  Set in the near future where the country has been taken over by a totalitarian movement.  Four men and women attempt to escape to the legendary Avalon.


"Albion" trilogy by Patrick McCormack.  The stories take place in the periods 475-78 and 493-497, before and after Arthur's great battles.  Through flashbacks and third-person narrations by various characters, details of the past are revealed.  Trio includes "The Last Companion", "The White Phantom" and "The Lame Dancer".

"Alchemy, Sorcery and Magic" (anticipated) trilogy by Jeffrey Michael.  This series includes "A New Age Begins" (the tale of the search for Merlin's journal and the desire to bring alchemy, sorcery and magic back) and "Crossings" (follows a group of people who live in the Age of Magic that came after Merlin).

"Area 51" series of 9 by Bob Mayer (aka Robert Doherty).  "Area 51 the Grail #5", "Area 51 Excalibur #6", "Area 51 the Truth #7" and "Area 51 Legend #9" each involve Arthurian legend.  Sci-fi, techno-military.

"Arthur War Lord" duology by Dafydd Ab Hugh.  A British SAS agent pursues an IRA operative back in time to the days of King Arthur, and slips himself into the mind of Arthur.  See also sequel "Far Beyond the Wave".

"Arthurian" trilogy by J. Robert King.  Series includes "Mad Merlin" (uncovering of the secrets of Merlin's past, the reason for his supernatural powers, as well as his pivotal role in the destiny of King Arthur and Camelot), "Lancelot Du Lethe" (a re-vamped story of Lancelot and the war of loyalties that threatens peace in both mortal realm and netherworld) and "Le Morte d'Avalon" (Arthur's half-sister, once lover and sworn enemy Morgan le Fey).

"Avalon" series of 4 by Robert Larrison.  A contemporary adaptation of Arthurian legends.  Tetralogy includes "Prince of Avalon", "Ghosts of Avalon", "Queen of Avalon" and Oberon Minor".  "Tries Too Hard to be Cool" is a lighthearted series prequel.

"Beyond the Myst" series of (anticipated) 4 by authors Shari Prestwood, Ashley Kuppersmith and N. K. Schlaudecker.  Arthur sleeps, Britain is in dark despair and evil Morgana has named herself Empress.  She has stripped the Lady of the Lake of power.  Morgana seeks domination over the mortal realm, Avalon and the Otherworld.  Arthur is the only hope.  Merlin is called from prison and Sir Gawain from captivity in Limbo to wake Arthur and restore balance. Series begins with "Beyond the Myst: The Lost Years of King Arthur".

"The Camelot Wars" 2 + ? series by Michael Clary. "Excalibur" is book #1. Merlin in his grief over Arthur's death, casts a powerful spell that binds the souls of Arthur and his Knights to evil sorceress Morgana. Centuries later Morgana has returned, attacked, wiped out modern technology, and now hunts Arthur to kill him before he can find magical Excalibur and unite the people against her.

"Changer" duology by Jane Lindskold.  Immortals ("Anthors") inhabit the Earth.  King Arthur administrates in the Athanor government and keeps harmony among Anthors.  Arthur is sought to assist an Anthor's vengeance and finds all Anthors threatened.  See sequel "Legends Walking".

"The Children of Arthur" series of 5 by Tyler R. Tichelaar.  The premise suggests Camelot's story was distorted by its enemies and reveals the role of King Arthur's descendants throughout history.  Stories tell of a goodly Morgan le Fay (Lady Morgana of Avalon, druid priestess, former disciple of Merlin and mother to Mordred). The series includes "Arthur's Legacy", "Melusine's Gift", "Ogier's Prayer", "Lilith's Love" and "Arthur's Bosom".

"The Circle Unbroken" trilogy by John Adcox.  This story deals with the return of King Arthur, Morgan le Fay, Queen Gwenhwyfar, Lancelot, Gawain and Knights of the Round Table.  The time is the very near future.  The trilogy begins with "The Widening Gyre" followed by "What the Thunder Said" and "The Last Light Flickers".

"Dark Britannia" (anticipated) trilogy by Bill Coffin.  In mythic Britannia, darkness reigns. King Arthur is dead.  Excalibur is missing.  Camelot is burning.  And the treacherous Morgana le Fey and her vile son Mordred rule all of Arthur's once great domain.  Arthur Pendragon (son of the Once and Future King Arthur and grandson of evil Mordred) must claim or deny his heroic destiny. Books of the series include "Pax Morgana", "Pax Arcadia" and "Pax Britannia".

"Excalibur Regained" (anticipated) trilogy by Joan Upton Hall.  Arthur has promised to return, and does so in the near future when biochemical terrorism has created chaos.  Other personalities from ancient-Arthur times have also reincarnated.  Karma turns as stability and safety are sought in the New Camelot.  Trilogy thus far includes "Arturo el Rey" and "Shadow of Excalibur".

"Fang the Gnome" and "King of the Scepter'd Isle" duology by Michael Coney.  Nyneve and Merlin create the story of King Arthur in an alternate universe to help Avalona manipulate the distant future.  Tristan and Iseult are "real" characters who act out some of the better parts of the stories about King Arthur.  Gnomes are given prominence.

"Fionavar Tapestry" trilogy by Guy Gavriel Kay.  Arthur is summoned to pit Light against Dark as retribution for his slaying of children in an attempt to extinguish Mordred.  For this heroic self-sacrifice he is freed (along with Lancelot and Guinevere) from their cycle of love-betrayal and finally achieve peace.  The trilogy includes "The Summer Tree", "The Wandering Fire" and "The Darkest Road".

"Fireblade" trilogy by William Tolliver.  The series is set in contemporary times with the past Arthurian struggles begun anew.  Professor Evans, who is the last descendant of the legendary 6th century hero Arthur, is featured throughout.  Fun sci-fi and modern geek twists.  The series includes "The Camelot Tapes", "The Mad Dog Connection" and "The Last Plane to Avalon".

"Forever King" trilogy by Molly Cochran.  King Arthur is reincarnated in the 20th century as a ten-year-old boy.  Aided by an alcoholic ex-F.B.I. agent (Galahad reborn) and druid Merlin, Arthur takes possession of Excalibur, begins a quest and tries to restore the old order of Camelot.  Set in both medieval and contemporary times.  The series includes "The Forever King", "The Broken Sword" and "The Third Magic".

"Grail Quest" (anticipated) trilogy by J. R. Rain.  The series begins with "Arthur" (aka "The Grail Quest") wherein a mystery author sets out for England to discover the meaning of his nightly dreams involving Arthurian characters.  In Glastonbury, it would seem not to be such a small, quaint town-there are real knights, real swords and perhaps a real king.

"Hammer of God" trilogy by Charles R. Dowling.  The story of Arthur's rise to become Dux Bellorum (War Chief) of a united British tribes, his campaign to defeat the invaders, his coronation as the first High King, his fall and apparent death on the Camlann battlefields forty years later.  Set in 5th century Britain after the Romans departed.  The trio includes "The "The Time of the Raven", The Time of the Eagle" and "The Time of the King".

"The Hidden Kingdom" trilogy by Adrian Rogers. Series includes "Atlantis" (Merlin born in last days of Atlantis, falls in love, must save Avalon from drowning title wave), "Avalon" (Merlin and others escape drowning at Atlantis and find new life in a new Avalon) and "Alignment" (Merlin awakens from his rest in the Crystal Cave and must prevent the end history with perpetual enslavement of humanity).

"Knight" trilogy by Peter David.  Arthur, kin and clan experience 21st century NYC.  The trilogy includes "Knight Life", "One Knight Only" and "Fall of Knight".  Comedic urban fantasy.

"The Knights of Breton Court" trilogy by Maurice Broaddus.  Series is the Arthurian story cleverly reimagined with gritty street gangs in contemporary Indianapolis.  The trio includes "King Maker", "King's Justice" and "King's War".

"The Language of Stones" trilogy by Robert Carter.  Set in alternative, mythical 15th century England where the War of the Roses rages.  A coming-of-age and questing story of a young man (the last reincarnation of King Arthur) with wizard Gwydion (Merlyn) companion.  Series includes "The Language of the Stones", "The Giant's Dance" and "Whitemantle".

"Legends" (aka "Pendragon") series of 2 +? by Holly R. Chism. A college-age, skeptical woman is rescued from werewolves. He tells her of potential to become a sorceress and offers to teach her. Ends up "he" is Mordred, son of Arthur Pendragon, leader of the European Dragons. The woman and Mordred fall in love, nurture the orphan dragons and battle a rogue dragon element. Series thus far includes "The Last Pendragon" and "Pendragon Resurgent".

"The Lion of Wales" series of 5 by Sarah Woodbury. A twist on the usual Arthuriana. Set 537 AD in Wales. Inspired by Welsh mythology and ancient culture. The story of two of King Arthur's companions; a knight (Myrddin) and nun (Nell) who are both Seers. Both have Seen doom to Arthur by Mordred. Both must determine what they will (and won't) do to avert this fate. Series includes "Cold My Heart", "The Oaken Door" and "Of Men and Dragons", "A Long Cloud" and "Frost Against the Hilt". (The first three titles were originally published as a single "Cold My Heart".)

"A Logical Magician" (aka "A Modern Magic") and sequel "A Calculated Magic" by Robert Weinberg. Creatures of myth and magic continue to live amongst us powered by our belief in them. Merlin (the Magician) is a financial consultant and aides a young mathematician hero to save humanity from evil.

"Lords of Avalon" trilogy by Kinley Macgregor (aka Sherrilyn Kenyon). This series introduces many new Arthurian-related characters and story lines. The Lords of Avalon (previously known as the Knights of the Round Table) pit themselves against the un-human demon king, Morgen Pendragon. The trio includes "Sword of Darkness", "Knight of Darkness" and "Darkness Within".

"Lyonesse" trilogy by Jack Vance.  The series is set in a mysterious, baroque land of pre-Arthurian myth now lost beneath the Atlantic.  Ogres and fairies coexist, kings war, magicians strategize and changelings quest for the grail.  Series includes with "Lyonesse:  Suldrun's Garden", "The Green Pearl" and "Madouc".  (Arthurian lore most apparent in "Madouc".)  Gritty high fantasy.

"Malory's Knights of Albion" trilogy by Paul Lewis. An Arthurian series purported to be the previously unknown and an unpublished sequel of Thomas Malory's "Le Mort de D' Arthur". Trilogy includes "The Black Chalice", "The Savage Knight" and "Dark North".

"The Merlin Chronicles" series of 2+? by Daniel Diehl. A blending of Arthurian legend, biblical prophecy, urban and wizard fantasy. Morgana le Fay has been denied her throne based on her gender. She has become a powerful and evil sorceress and seeks to bring back the demon dragons. In contemporary 21st century, Merlin teams up with a college student to battle assorted dangers (including drug smugglers and a 500-year-old Chinese necromancer) and defeat Morgana before it is too late for everyone. Series thus far includes "Revelations" and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice".

"Merlin Codex" trilogy by Robert Holdstock.  The series is an interesting blend of Celtic, Greek and Arthurian mythology which follows Merlin on his dark, complex journey.  The series includes "Celtica", "The Iron Grail" and "The Broken Kings".

"Merlin's Charge" duology by Peter Joseph Swanson.  A cranky Merlin tutoring a teenage Arthur.  Merlin sneakily enjoys two simultaneous marriages and searches for the town's Pict-stolen communal Holy Grail cauldron.  The sequel "The Werewolf of Camelot" is equally bawdy.

"Merlin's Godson" duology by Munn H. Warner.  Varro (Arthur's former centurion), Myrdhinn (Merlin), and a handful of other survivors of the Battle of Camlann discover the Americas and forge new alliances among the native peoples.  Gwalchmai (Gawain) learns the customs of his father Varro and godfather Myrdhinn, who gives him a magic ring with the power to defend against enemies and defy the passage of time.   ("Merlin's Godson" was originally published as two separate works:  "King of the World's Edge" and "The Ship from Atlantis".)  See sequel "Merlin's Ring" in which Gwalchmai finally returns to Britain, finds Arthur's sword in a faery mound and restores it to the king, who lies sleeping in a cavern beneath St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall.

"Mordred" duology by Peter Hanratty.  A retelling of the Arthurian legend by Mordred in a bizarre mix of modern and ancient times.  Set includes "The Book of Mordred" and "The Last Knight of Albion".

"Mordred Cycle" trilogy by Haydn Middleton. Arthur's rule is represented as brutal and ruthless. This dark fantasy series focuses on Mordred's role in Arthur's downfall. The trilogy includes "The King's Evil", "The Knight's Vengeance" and "The Queen's Captive".

"Mordred's Heirs" (aka "Paladin") duology by Joel Rosenberg.  Heroic fantasy series set in alternative 17th century.  "Mordred the Great" has defeated "Arthur the Tyrant", founded the Pendragon dynastic Empire and rules much of Europe, Asia and the New World.  Mordred's elite Paladins of the Order of Crown, Shield and Dragon are dedicated to protect and defend the Pendragon Kingdom.  The set includes "Paladins" and "Knight Moves".

"The Mordred Saga" (anticipated) series by Aldous Mercer. In the series opener "The Prince and the Program" Mordred Pendragon, the Bastard Prince, has been stripped of his magic and exiled to contemporary Canada. He finds a good job as a Software Engineer, as well as someone who could anchor him (Mordred) to the world of the living.

"Nightside" series of 12 by Jim Butcher. Series includes the character Merlin Satanspawn who is son of the Devil and was Arthur's friend and mentor. He has had his heart ripped out and lost his love Nimue. Merlin seeks his heart to regain his former great power.

"The Once and Future King" series of 4 by T. H. (Terence Hanbury) White.  This story chronicles the parenting and education of King Arthur, his rule as a king, the romance between his best knight Sir Lancelot and his Queen Guinevere.  It ends immediately before Arthur's final battle against his illegitimate son Mordred.  The omnibus includes four parts:  "The Sword in the Stone", "The Queen of Air and Darkness" (aka "The Witch in the Wood"), "The Ill-Made Knight" and "The Candle in the Wind".  ("The Book of Merlin" was published after White's death and chronicles Arthur's final lessons from Merlin.)

"Parsival" (aka "Grail") series of 5 by Robert Monaco.  A grim and bloody version of the Arthurian world; a realm full of savagery, rapes, murder, cannibalism and other gratuitous horrors.  Series includes "Parsival" (aka "A Knight's Tale"), "The Grail War", "The Final Quest", "Blood and Dreams" and "The Lost Years".

"Pendragon Chronicles" (anticipated) series by Jay Allen.  Uther Pendragon- the son of a king and grandson of an emperor and Britannia's greatest warrior (before Arthur).  Dark, divided and devastated, Britain is in ruins in the wake of Rome's fall.  Uther and his warriors stage a final battle for the future of Britannia.  "The Dragon's Banner" is this story and series starter.

"Pendragon Series" (anticipated) series by Lyle Anthony.  Series begins with "Pendragon:  the Beginning" which tells the story of Arthur's grandfather, the early days of Merlin, the formation of Excalibur and the early creation of the kingdoms of Britain and Celts.

"Mayhawk" 2 + ? series by NK (Nicole) Schlaudecker.  The series chronicles the life of Gawain, Gwalchmais, the Hawk of May, and the man who would become King Arthur's most loyal knight.  Set 550 A. D.  The series begins with "Mayhawk:  Rising".

"The Return of Arthur" duology by Alan Fenton.  A contemporary reimagining of the Arthurian legend in which Arthur is brought back to life in the 21st century.  He is confronted by terrorism, indecisive world leaders and dark forces that threaten Earth.  The set includes "The Call of Destiny" and sequel "The Hour of Camelot".  Romance and mystery crossover.

"Rexcalibur" duo by Mitzi Kleidon.  Evil Morgan made disappear the magical Orchid, causing Camelot to darken and burn out.  Direct descendants of the First Knights free Excalibur, quest for the Orchid and hope for a new Camelot.  See also sequel "Eternity's Hope".

"The Scythian Stone Saga" (aka "Blackgloom") trilogy by Jon Baxley. The first book "Blackgloom's Bounty" features a hint of Arthurian tie-in with the appearance of the spirit Merlin. In a dream-like visitation, long dead Master Magician Merlin of Pendragon commands his longtime apprentice to destroy a former apprentice.

"Seeds of Legend" 2 + ? series by Robin L. Stoddard. The series chronicles the life of Amrie Emrys, bastard daughter of the Pendragon House of King Arthur, who transcends the legend of Camelot and makes her own place in Britain's ruling dynasty. This is about the legacy left behind after the death of King Arthur and his son Mordred. The series begins with "Seeds of Legend – Book One" followed by "Seeds of Legend-Book Two. Rise the House of Emyrs".

"Shadow" (anticipated) trilogy by C. N. Lesley (aka Elizabeth Hull).  Arthurian legend is recast in the distant future.  Series to include "Shadow Over Avalon", "Sword of Shadows" and "Chalice of Shadows".

"The Shadow of Avalon" trilogy by Jan Foxall.  This series chronicles the time of King Arthur and the generation following him.  It is Arthur's story told in the voices (ten per each book) of those who knew him well.  The trilogy includes "The King of Powys" (King Arthur's attempt to stop the westward invasion), "The Aftermath" (time following the Battle of Camlann with the struggle to set a new government) and "The Triumph of the Dark" (more struggle and strife in Britain with a new leader emerging).  All three novels are collected in the omnibus "The Shadow of Avalon".

"The Shadow Lands" trilogy by Simon Lister.  An apocalyptic catastrophe has plunged mankind into darkness and near extinction.  Merdynn searches for the ancient bloodline of legendary Arthur-to once again save and unite all Britannia.  This series includes "Shadow Lands", "Causeway" and "Haven".

"The Silurian" series of 8 by L. A. Wilson.  The Silurian is warrior King Arthur son of Uthyr Pendragon.  Arthur's story is told first-person by his closest companion and foster-brother, the "Fox" Prince Bedwyr.  Set in the Dark Ages of post-Roman Britain.  The series begins with "The Fox and the Bear".

"Sons of Avalon Saga" (anticipated) series by Dee Marie.  Set in 5th century Britain with Rome's abandonment and Saxon invasion.  Retelling of Merlin's ancient legend; from his birth as a fairy child, through his development as visionary of Britain's destiny, to the conception of the savior king Arthur.  Future books in the series explore the birth and life of King Arthur and his court.  The series begins with "Merlin's Prophecy".

"Stone Lord:  The Legend of King Arthur-the Era of Stonehenge" duology by J. P. Reedman.  Set in the Bronze Age on the Salisbury Plains where the giants dance (Stonehenge).  Arthurian familiars (Vhortiern, U'thyr, Fynavir's, An'kele, Merlin, Nin-Aeifa, Morigau, Afallan, Caladvolc) generally follow tradition.  See sequel "Moon Lord:  The Fall of King Arthur-The Ruin of Stonehenge".

"Stones of Power" series of 5 by David Gemmell.  An account of the life and times of the military general Arthur, bearing little resemblance to the conventional legends.  Rebellion and chaos reign in Dark Ages Britain.  The great Sword of Power has disappeared into the Mist.  Immortal Lance Lord (Lancelot) and Merrwyn (Merlin) exist in the Realm of the Mortals with beings who survived the destruction of Atlantis.  Arthur is transformed from a weakling to a mighty warrior king and the forces of old Atlantis battle evil.  (The first two of the series "The Ghosts King" and "Last Sword of Power" are the ones most involving Arthurian legend.)

"The Strange World of John Reddy" trilogy by Robert N. Charrette.  Medieval Arthurian magic meets 21st century technology.  The trilogy includes "A Prince Among Men", "A King Beneath a Mountain" and "Knight Among Knaves".  Cyberpunk sci-fi.

"Sulien" duology by Jo Walton.  Based on Arthurian legend of a darker nature.  Set 7th century, Urdo (Arthur) is warlord and king, with Lancelot a female warrior and king's champion Sulien ap Gwien.  The characters of Mordred, Morgause, Gawain, Guinevere and Lot are also represented.  Duo includes "The King's Peace" and "The King's Name" as well as a short series side-bar "The Prize in the Game".

"The Sword and the Dream" duology by Janice Elliott.  Duo starts with "The King Awakes".  Set in a medieval-style society several generations after a nuclear war.  The story deals with the awakening and return of King Arthur and his friendship with a youth from the post-holocaust world.  See also sequel "The Empty Throne".

"Tales of Arthor" series of 4 by A. A. Attanasio (aka Adam Lee). This series involves a rich interweaving of Norske mythology, Christian theology, Celtic "Old Ways", Arthurian legend, philosophical musings, adventure and magic. The series includes "The Dragon and the Unicorn", "The Eagle and the Sword" (aka "Arthor"), "The Wolf and the Crown" (aka "The Perilous Order: Warriors of the Round Table") and "The Serpent and the Grail".

"Tales of Arthur" trilogy by Patricia Kennealy.  Taliesin Glyndour narrates and recounts Arthur's early wars to restore the High Kingship, his marriage to Gweniver and the growing danger posed by his half-sister Marguessan (Morgause).  Set on the planet Gwynedd in the future.  This trilogy includes "The Hawk's Gray Feather", "The Oak Above the Kings" and "The Hedge of Mist". This trilogy is part of the extended "Keltiad" series.

"Tales Misforgotten" (anticipated) trilogy by Colin P. Druce-McFadden. The series begins with "The Unshorn Thread". Tales spanning time and space are told as seen by the boy Arthur and mentor Merlin. The tales whisper to each other and to Merlin and Arthur. Perhaps even to change the fated map of Arthur's legend. Steampunk fantasy.

"Wizard of 4th Street" multi-volume Arthurian series by Simon Hawke.  All volumes in the series are set in the future, a time in which magic reigns supreme, characters "die" but send their essences into the bodies of others and spirits offer assistance.  The series begins with "The Wizard of 4th Street" and way later concludes with "The Last Wizard".  Comedic sci-fi/fantasy.

"A World Called Camelot" series of 4 by Arthur Landis.  This series features a magical medieval Camelot where knighthood, chivalry, feudal societies and global conflict remain.  The series includes "A World Called Camelot", "Camelot in Orbit", "The Magick of Camelot" and "Home to Avalon".


"The Abbey Mysteries" series of 4 + ? by Cherith Baldry.  The series features a young sister and brother sleuth team who live in medieval Glastonbury England in 1190.  The series begins with "The Buried Cross".

"Across the Wall" short story collection by Garth Nix. Included are Arthurian-inspired "Under the Lake" which portrays the Lady of the Lake as a monstrous, parasitic creature imprisoned in water and drawn into events against her will. Also included is "Heart's Desire" which tells of the doom-fated relationship between Merlin and his apprentice/lover Nimue.

"Airships of Camelot" (anticipated) series by Robison Wells. A gender-bending, steampunk, alt-history, fantasy mashup set the post-apocalyptic American West telling of Arthur's rise to Knighthood.

"Alfred Kropp" series of 3 +? by Rick Yancy. In the first novel "The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp", Alfred Kropp a 15-year-old orphan from Ohio. He narrates this novel set in contemporary times. Alfred reluctantly agrees to help his uncle steal Excalibur. The theft results in the murder of the uncle and the decimation of the remaining descendants of the Knights of the Round Table. Alfred turns out to be the last descendent of Lancelot. Books in the series vary in their attention to Arthuriana.

"Ard Righ:  The Sword on the Stone" by Ray Cattie.  This tale covers the time between the death of Ambrosius and Arthur's defeat of King Lot's rebellion.  The story emphasizes Myrddin's manipulation of people and events to bring about Arthur's conception, birth and coronation.

"Arthur" trilogy by Kevin Crossley-Holland.  The story of a medieval boy's journey from squire to knight.  He has the "Seeing Stone" through which watches the parallel early life of King Arthur, several hundred years before.  The series includes "The Seeing Stone", "At the Crossing Places" and "King of the Middle March".

"Arthur High King of Britain" by Michael Morpurgo (author) and Michael Foreman (illustrator). A contemporary young boy awakens in a sea cave after nearly drowning. He finds he has been saved by an old man and who is none other than the Arthur Pendragon-High King of Britain. Arthur regales the boy with stories of Camelot, magic, evil and betrayal.

"Arthur's Amulet" by Jan Davie. While hiking on a school outing, four school children happen upon a golden bracelet. This happens to be King Arthur's magical Amulet which protects him while he and the Knights sleep until The Final Battle. The children must return the Amulet to the Lady of the Lake before midnight or else doom, destruction and death. To do so, they must sneak past suspicious teachers and the Cun Anwen Hounds.

"Avalon's Eclipse" by T. R. Myers.  A tale about a mortal girl who is a descendant of King Arthur.  Events around her become strange and dangerous.  She must rely upon the wisdom of Myrddin and the Fairy Queen Morgan Le Fey (two immortals not typically friendly to one another).

"The Badbury Tales" trilogy by Philip Elston. The trilogy includes "Return of the Raven", "Guinevere and the Siege Perilous" and "Men of Avalon". A mash-up of legend, realism and adventure set in the 21st century.

"Black Horses for the King" by Anne McCaffrey.  The novel focuses on horses and their role in Arthur's early military success (preceding Arthur's twelve great battles).  A young adolescent runaway joins Lord Artos (Arthur) and helps gather, care for and train the Libyan horses.

"The Book of Mordred" by Vivian Vande Velde.  Lest the good deeds by Mordred be forgotten, these are stories by three women whom Mordred championed. Dark magic.

"Brittomart" by Emily Parrish. Britomart is Merlin's only daughter and rather enjoys swords over sewing. Looking in a mirror one day she sees her future husband (Arthegall) and disguises herself as a knight to search for him throughout Fairy Land. She follows her heart, becomes a heroine and triumphs over all.

"Brother to Galahad" by Gwendolyn Bowers.  Hugh of Alleyn leaves his ancient castle of Brannlyr and travels to Glastonbury.  He learns that he is descended from the line of Joseph of Arimathea, becomes Galahad's squire on the Grail quest, witnesses Arthur's defeat and realizes his need to embark on his own quest back to Alleyn.

"Camelot" trilogy by Wolfgang Hohlbein.  Closely follows Malory's version of King Arthur, Ginevra and Lancelot's stories.  Trilogy comprised of "Magic of the Grail" (aka "Gralszauber"), "The Sword of the Elves" (aka "Elbenschwert") and "Shield of the Runes" (aka "Runenschild").

"The Camelot Inheritance" series 2 + ? by Rosie Morgan.  The series is set in contemporary Cornwall, UK.  The first book in the series "The Golden Sword" is about "a modern and magical legend of a Cornish boy (skateboarder Arthur Penhaligon), an ancient knight, a mythical sword and a unique destiny".  The second book "The Time Smugglers" is about "four teenagers, ancient knights...and a dragon, a very tiny one, pitted against time-defying enemies".

"Chasing the King" by Lyn Meads Wilson.  A brilliant young musician searches for a possible past identity as King Arthur.  The identity chase begins in a violent world.  Told through the eyes of those who are obsessed with the young man.

"The Children of Camelot" duology by Donna Hosie. Sixteen-year-old Mila Roth wants to be normal but is not…she was actually born 1000 years ago. Neither are her parents normal…they are actually the awakened King Arthur and druid Queen Morgana. The Lady of the Lake Morgana is their adversary. A curse is applied, time-travel takes place and magic, love, battles, intrigue and conflict ensue. The series contains contemporary and Arthurian settings. The pair includes "Ring of Morgana" and "Quest of the Artisan".

"Children of the Knight" series 5 + ? by Michael Bowler.  In the first book ("Children of the Knight") a young, charismatic man claiming to be the returned King Arthur creates a new Camelot in contemporary LA.  He leads a children's crusade against adult society.  A homeless fourteen-year-old boy, Lance, is his First Knight.  Together they mold this lost and rejected group of youngsters into Children of the Knight.  Arthur and Knights fight for their rights against the powerful, rich adults.

"The Chrysalis Queen" series of (anticipated) 4 by Nancy McKenzie.  The series is about Guinevere's girlhood and her struggle with a prophecy foretelling a future of greatness and everlasting fame.  The series begins with "Guinevere's Gift".

"A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" by Mark Twain.  A blow on the head transports a 19th century Yankee kid back to King Arthur's court in 528 A.D.  He attempts to modernize King Arthur's kingdom by organizing a school system, constructing telephone lines and inventing the printing press.  Satiric and humorous treatment of the traditional Arthurian legends.

"Corbenic" by Katherine Fisher. The Arthurian tale of Percival, the Fisher King and the Grail reimagined in modern times. Featured is a teenage boy coming-of-age; his struggle to overcome the dark tragedy of life.

"Damosel:  In Which the Lady of the Lake Renders a Frank and Often Startling Account of Her Wondrous Life and Times" by Stephanie Spinner.  A unique telling of the legend of Camelot from the viewpoint of the Lady of the Lake (a care-free water spirit) who shimmers between the world of humans and fairies.  She creates the sword Excalibur, makes a promise to Merlin to protect young Arthur and then dares to break this promise with devastating consequences.

"The Dark is Rising" series of 5 by Susan Cooper.  In the first book "Over Sea, Under Stone" three children on holiday in Cornwall find an ancient manuscript.  Thus begins a dangerous quest for a Grail that would reveal the true story of King Arthur.  The series incorporates Arthurian legend, British mythology and folklore with original material.

"The Death Catchers" by Jennifer Anne Kogler.  This is a coming of age story about Lizzy, a high school freshman and descendant of Morgan le Faye.  Lizzy is a Death-Catcher and must prevent an unjust death that has been already fated.  Lizzy ends up in the midst of a time-old feud between Morgan and her sister Vivienne.  Vivienne le Mort seeks to accelerate the end of the world by preventing Lizzy's interference with fate.

"The Dragon's Boy:  A Tale of Young King Arthur" by Jane Yolen.  Merlin, in dragon form, tutors a young Arthur.

"The Dragon Slayers' Academy" series of 20 + ? by Kate McMullan. A children's series which follows the adventures of a young medieval peasant boy and his two friends while being educated at the Dragon Slayers' Academy in the art of slaying dragons. The Academy is run by greedy uncle Mordred. Books #5 ("Knight for a Day"), #6 ("Sir Lancelot, Where Are You?"), #11 ("Wizard at Work") feature Arthurian familiars.

"Dreamer's Cycle" series of 4 by Holly Taylor.  Set in the 5th century Wales the series features traditional Arthurian lore, Welsh mythology and geography, and British history to create a Welsh Arthur. The tetralogy includes "Night Bird's Reign", "Crimson Fire", "City of Sorrow" and "May Earth Rise".

"The Dwarf, the Giant and the Unicorn:  A Tale of King Arthur" children's book by James Giblin.  The young king and his knights get shipwrecked on an island where Arthur befriends a dwarf and a giant.

"Earthfasts" by William Mayne.  An unusual evocation of Arthurian legend.  The sleeping Arthur plays a small but important role.  Time travel.

"Eighth Day" 3 + ? series by Dianne K. Salerni.  The series begins with "The Eighth Day".  This is the story of a teenage orphan boy who lives in the usual seven-day week (a "Normal").  One day he wakes up to find he is a Transitioner (someone gifted with an extra 24-hour day).  He has discovered "Grunsday"- a magical eighth day between Wednesday and Thursday.  Grunsday was created by King Arthur, the Lady of the Lake and Merlin.  Only their blood descendants can transition through this mysterious day.  The evil and magical Kin live in Grunsday.  They want to destroy Normal.  Adventures and battles ensue. Thus far series also includes "The Inquisitor's Mark" and "Morrigan's Curse".

"Family Knights" by Brenton Yorgason. A didactic novel set in medieval times. The sixteen year old, eldest son of King Arthur adventures in a tournament, traitorous knights, and an alliance with Merlin. Republished as "Dirty Socks & Shining Armor: A Forever Family in Camelot".

"Fay Morgan Chronicles" 7 + ? novella series by Katherine Sparrow. Immortal Morgan le Fay lives a humdrum life in contemporary Seattle, tending her Wiccan shop and keeping aware of the city's supernatural. Her memories of past centuries of chaos are broken and fading. Enter a mysterious stranger Merlin, Gruinevere and returning memories. Adventures ensue. Urban fantasy. Series begins with "Magician's Mistake".

"Forever Avalon" 2 + ? series by Mark Piggott. The modern day Drake family is lost on an uncharted island which ends up to be the magical island of Avalon. Avalon is inhabited by mythical creatures, medieval Knights, powerful wizards, evil sorceress Morgana le Fay and a Champion…all ruled by descendants of King Arthur. These are the adventures of the Drake family in the mysterious Avalon. Series begins with "Forever Avalon". Series also includes "Dark Tides".

"The Future King" (anticipated) series by M. L. Machworth-Praed. A dystopian fiction set in 2052 Britain. Primarily featuring 15-year-old high-schooler Gwenhwyfar and her turbulent journey to fulfill her destiny. High-schoolers Arthur and Lancelot are involved as well. "The Future King: Logres" starts the series.

"Ghost Knight of Avalon" adventure game book by Anthony Kraft. Morgan le Fay has summoned the Knights of the Round Table who return as deadly ghosts. Either as wizard or warrior, the reader is tasked to stop the deadly creatures. This is #4 in the "Wizards, Warriors and You" series.

"The Grail: a Novel" by Babs H. Deal. Features the use of the sports and grail motifs by setting the Arthurian story in the world of American college football. Arthur, Guenevere, and Lancelot are transformed into Coach Arthur Hill of Castle University, his wife Jennie and his star quarterback Lance Hebert. The "Grail" is a perfect season with no losses. Virtually all of the traditional Arthurian characters appear, usually as football players and their sorority girlfriends.

"Grail Quest" trilogy by Laura Anne Gilman.  The story of three young teenage heroes at King Arthur's court who quest to find Merlin and a solution to the sudden tragedy that befalls King Arthur's Camelot.  Trilogy includes "The Camelot Spell", "Morgain's Revenge" and "The Shadow Companion".

"Grey Griffins" trilogy by Derek Benz and J. S. Lewis.  This story borrows from both Arthurian legend and faerie lore.  Four grade school children in Avalon, Minnesota form the secret "Grey Griffins" club.  They play the fantasy card game "Round Table" and discover strange and magical adventures.  The trilogy includes "The Revenge of the Shadow King", "The Rise of the Black Wolf" and "The Fall of the Templar".

"Guinevere:  On the Eve of Legend" by Cheryl Carpinello.  This is a story of the young girl Guinevere before Arthur and Camelot.  She has spent most her youth enjoying adventures with her friend Cedwyn.  On the eve of her 13th Birth Day (the day she crosses over from girlhood to womanhood and marriage betrothal), she runs away. Her friend and mentor Merlin helps her realize her otherwise destiny.

"Gwydion" 3 + ? by Jenny Sullivan. This series features the young Gwydion who is Merlin's poorly behaved apprentice. He time travels through magical Time Doors and has various adventures. This series is the prequel to the "Magic Apostrophe" series.

"Here Lies Arthur" by Philip Reeve.  The story is told through the eyes of a young girl named Gwyna, who is taken in by Myrddin (King Arthur's traveling bard).  Myrddin transforms her into his servant, a lady goddess, a boy warrior and a spy.

"Hidden Treasure of Glaston" by Eleanor Jewett.  A young boy in 1171 England who lives at Glastonbury Abbey looks for artifacts of King Arthur (lost treasures of the Holy Grail).  Mystery.

"The Hidden World" by Alison Baird. A young woman visits relatives in Avalon in Newfoundland. She suddenly finds herself on the Isle of Avalon in a parallel world. She must find the Grail to help her in the final battle.

"The House of Pendragon" series 2 + ? by Debra Kemp.  Here we have conflicts between Arthur's daughter Lin and son Mordred after the fall of Camelot.  The series includes "The House of Pendragon: The Firebrand" and "The House of Pendragon, Book II: The Recruit".

"I am Mordred" by Nancy Springer.  A young and beseeching Mordred struggles to alter his apparent fate as a bringer-of-doom, and determine a different honorable identity with a peaceful outcome.  All but the prologue and epilogue are in first-person with Mordred reflecting on his life.  (This novel is an expanded version of the short story "The Raven" which was previously published in Jane Yolen's anthology "Camelot".)

"I am Morgan le Fay" by Nancy Springer.  A story of Morgan's life; her childhood at Tintagel and young adulthood in Avalon at the time of Arthur's coronation.  A vulnerable, yet fierce Fey, Morgan learns of the Old Way of magic, loss, treachery, power and fate.  She writes most about her training as a Wise Woman at the hands of her nurse and the many figures at Avalon.  Morgan narrates the story in first-person.

"Indiana Jones and the White Witch" by Martin Caidin. Set in 1930s England, Indiana Jones teams up with a sassy female pilot and a British Wiccan "femme fatalle" to find buried gold treasure and Excalibur. Merlin, Avalon, Glastonbury, Excalibur and Merlin are somehow involved. (This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Indiana Jones" series.)

"King Arthur and Her Knights" trilogy by K. M. Shea.  A contemporary British woman (Britt Arthurs) time-travels to the age of King Arthur.  Arthur has run off, Brit slides out Excalibur, becomes King of England, vanquishes her opposition, searches for the Round Table, is betrayed by Camelot insiders, battles to protect Camelot and more!  This trilogy includes "Enthroned", "Enchanted" and "Embittered".

"King Arthur and His Knights" by Anthony Mockler. The novel is divided into three parts: "The Book of Merlin", "The Book of Knights" and "The Book of Doom". The story begins with Uther's reign, highlights Arthur, the Knights, Guinevere, Lancelot and the downfall of Camelot. The Grail quest is not included.

"King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table" by Antonia Fraser.  A retelling of the exploits of King Arthur, Lancelot, Gawaine, Tristram and other Knights of the Round Table.

"King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table" by C. E. Richards.  In a world of wizards, giants and dragons, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are the kingdom of Camelot's only defense against the threatening forces of evil.  Fighting battles and saving those in need, the Knights of the Round of the Table can defeat every enemy but one -- themselves.

"King Arthur, His Knights & Their Ladies" by Johanna Johnston. A simpler retelling of stories of Arthur's life from birth to death with Merlin, Guenevere, Lancelot and familiar Knights.

"King Arthur's Courage" by Stephanie Spinner. Everyone knows of King Arthur. Everyone knows of the Knights of the Round Table. Less known is Morgan le Fay, Arthur's wicked half-sister. She is plotting against Arthur and Arthur must gather courage and fight. A Stepping Stone book.

"King Arthur's Knights:  The Tales Retold for Boys & Girls" by Henry Gilbert.  A rework of the classic Arthurian legends, particularly the stories of the individual knights.

"Knight for a Day" by Richard Graham. A young boy has a time-travel adventure when Merlin magics him (and his dog) from contemporary times back to sub-Roman Britain in 533 AD.

"Knights of the Grail: Lohengrin: Galahad" by Norley Chester (aka Emily Underground). An adaption of the Grail legend for children.

"Knights of the Kitchen Table" by Jon Scieszka. Three brave and resourceful boys time-travel back to King Arthur's court. Their adventures include defeating the evil Black Knight and saving Camelot from a giant and a dragon. (Part of the "Time Warp Trio" series.)

"The Knights' Tales" series of 4+? by Gerald Morris. Hilarious and historical stories of the Knights of King Arthur's Round Table. This series of slim volumes begins with "The Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great".

"Lancelot and the Flying Ponies" by Steve Cross.  A depressed Lancelot reluctantly accepts his fate for greatness and Merlin's guidance.  Merlin uses Lancelot for his own schemes.  Lancelot has many exploits until finally past, present and future clash in a fateful battle.

"The Last Pendragon" by Robert Rice.  Heroic and romantic tale set eleven years after Arthur is mortally wounded by his son Medraut.  Arthur's grandson (and evil Medraut's only surviving son) struggles to oust Saxons from Camelot.

"Le Fay" 2 + ? series by (author/illustrator) Realm Lovejoy. Series begins with "Henge". Sixteen-year-old Morgan le Fay is an Elemental with fire. She is ordinary but this magic is not and magic is dangerous. She dreams of becoming the Maven of Little-the right hand of the future King Arthur. She joins Arthur's Round from which the Maven of Little is selected. Morgan is rigorously trained and tested to be nominated Maven of Little. Can she prevail?

"The Legend of Lady Ilena" duo by Patricia Malone.  Set in 500 A.D. Scotland.  A fifteen-year-old girl seeks knowledge of her lineage.  She is drawn into battle to defend the homeland she never knew, aided by one of King Arthur's knights.  See also sequel "Lady Ilena: Way of the Warrior".

"Legendary Saga" trilogy by L. H. Nicole.  After the death of her parents, an eighteen-year-old young woman travels through time, discovers her identify as the "Destined One" and her destiny to free loyalty and magic, awaken King Arthur, reunite the Round Table Knights, defeat Mordred and Morgana. Series includes "Legendary", "Claiming Excalibur" and "Relics of Camelot". Romance crossover.

"Legends of King Arthur" slim trilogy by Rosemary Sutcliff.  A fairly traditional retelling of Arthurian legend.  Trilogy includes "The Sword and the Circle:  King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table" (Arthur's birth, gift of Excalibur, formation of the Round Table), "The Light Beyond the Forest" (Lancelot and the Grail Quest) and "The Road to Camlann" (Mordred and the fall of Camelot).

"The Lion Hunters" (aka "Arthurian/Aksumite Cycle") series of 5 by Elizabeth Wein.  The series reimagines a version of the King Arthur legend in the kingdom of Aksum in 6th century Ethiopia.  The stories focus on imaginings of Medraut (Mordred) and his half-Aksumite, half-British son Telemakos (grandson of King Arthur).  The volumes include "The Winter Prince", "A Coalition of Lions", "The Sunbird", "The Lion Hunter" (aka "The Mark of Solomon part 1") and "The Empty Kingdom" (aka "The Mark of Solomon part 2").

"Looking for the King:  An Inkling Novel" by David C. Downing.  In 1940, an American doctoral candidate in England searches for historical evidence of King Arthur, with help from the Inklings.

"Luke" series of 2 + ? by Giles Andreae. The many adventures of Luke, his brother Arthur and their sister Gwinnie. Other story characters include Camelot, the magical Pendrago's Belt, a flying horse Avalon, evil Morganna, her brother Mandrake and an ancient sword. Series includes "Luke Lancelot and the Treasure of Kings", "Luke Lancelot and the Golden Sword"

"Lyonesse" duology by Sam Llewellyn.  Lyonesse is a magical and forgotten land where King Arthur once lived with Merlin and the Round Table Knights.  Lyonesse is now a place of dark shadows, and monster hunters.  And Lyonesse is sinking.  It is up to a young boy to save his land.  The set contains "The Well Between the Worlds" and "Darksolstice".

"The Lyonesse Stone" trilogy by Craig Weatherhill.  In the first book "The Lyonesse Stone:  A Novel of Cornwall" ancient times and present day intermingle in Britain's Cornwall, ensnaring modern children in ancient evil.  Arthur and Merlin are involved in the adventure.  The Crownstone of Lyonesse is accidentally discovered during a sea rescue operation.  The jewel proves to have to have magical properties.  Trilogy also includes "Seat of Storms" and "The Tinner's Way".

"Magic Tree House" multi-volume series by Mary Pope Osborne. In the first group of books #4-28, Morgan Le Fey and other figures from the Arthurian tradition lead young Jack and Annie on a series of adventures with a magical tree house. The second book grouping #29 – 52 is called "Merlin Mission". In this group, ancient wizard Merlin the Magician sends Jack and Annie on various quests.

"Magicians of Erianne" by James R. Berry.  A young boy with strong magical powers but no past memories, is sent on a quest to retrieve the stolen sword Excalibur from Morgan le Fey.

"Melor, King Arthur's Page" by Catherine Owens Peare.  The youthful Melor proves himself by saving Arthur from the giant boar Troynt.

"The Merlin" 5 + ? series by Margaret Mann. Features the adventures (and mis-adventures) of four tree sprites with guidance by Merlin (Master of Space and Time). Series includes "Under the Merlin Spell", "The Merlin Set-up", "Merlin's Island", "Merlin in Cyberland" and "Moving On with the Merlinauts".

"Merlin and the Mystic Child" duology by Susan Sawyer.  Merlin and the mystic child Ylaine travel throughout King Arthur's realm to save Ylaine's brother from evil sorceress Morgan le Faey.  "Wizards in Winter" is the sequel.

"The Merlin Effect" by T. A. Barron. A blend of Arthurian legend with modern oceanography and genetics. A teenage girl accompanies her father on a quest to find a treasured drinking horn in a sunken galleon. Legend says the horn was responsible for Merlin's death. Kate and companions end up battling Merlin's mortal enemy Nimue and her sea demons.

"Merlin Saga" set of 11 by T. A. Barron. This series is comprised of "The Lost Years of Merlin" (aka "The Lost Years")" series of five which follows Merlin from boyhood to young adulthood, "Merlin's Dragon" trilogy (a part bat/part lizard adventures to find and save Merlin) and "The Great Tree of Avalon" trilogy (a tree planted from magical seed by Merlin grows giant with seven roots inhabited by every existing creature). There is also an illustrated encyclopedic companion volume "Merlin, the Book of Magic" with back stories.

"The Merlin Spiral" trilogy by Robert Treskillard. The trilogy includes "Merlin's Blade" (young Merlin's story and prequel to the familiar Arthurian legend), "Merlin's Shadow" (a re-creation of Merlin's youth from a Christian perspective) and "Merlin's Nightmare" (Merlin, a young married man, is also raising Arthur. Merlin's evil sister seeks to destroy Merlin's family and Arthur).

"Merlin's Apprentice" by Tanya Landman. A young girl summons Merlin with the hope he will train her in time to save the country from the most evil sorceress Morgan le Fay. A children's story in the "Katrina Pickens" series.

"Merlin's Candles" by L.B. MacDonald.  Evil Morgan le Fay time travels to Merlin's youth, intent on expelling Merlin from history.

"Merlin's Daughter" by John Andrucci. Centuries ago Morgana and her son Mordred successfully captured Camelot and began their evil reign of human-kind. A seventeen-year-old young woman is summoned by her aunts (Merlin's Daughters) to take up the fight between good and evil.

"Merlin's Granddaughter" by Tony Butler. Rowena Pendragon, Merlin's granddaughter has been frozen in an ice coffin by evil Morgan-le-Fe. Merlin summons the Lady of the Lake who decrees that Rowena will not die, but awaken in 1500 years. Rowena awakens in 2007, and meets thirteen-year-old twin girls and adventures begin.

"Merlin's Island" by Elisa Puricelli Guera. An archeologist has come to town disavowing Merlin's cave as a hoax to attract tourists. Young Minerva and friends believe in Merlin and that he and Arthur once lived in the cave. Young Minerva and friends will find a way to prove this to the doubting archeologist. ("This book is #3 in the "Minerva Mint" children's series. Others do not have the Arthurian focus.)

"Merlin's Mistake" by Robert Newman.  An adventure filled tale of two boys on a quest in medieval England to repair Merlin's mistake of long ago.  Merlin makes a brief appearance.

"Metal & Lace" 2 + ? series by Kathryn Rose.  The first novel "Camelot Burning" features familiar Arthurian characters (many in re-arranged roles) in a mash-up with alchemy and steam punk. Followed by "Avalon Rising".

"Mike Miller, Son of Pendragon" by Josh Rogan. After some years of university, a young man journeys out to Romania and finds himself in the Krickenstaltz Citadel. He is at the center of a centuries old vendetta- the battle between good and evil involving those still loyal to the ideals of Arthur Pendragon, King of the Britons, and the descendants of the evil enemy Sir Mordred.

"Morgana Trilogy" trilogy by Alessa Ellefson.  A young Morgan Pendragon has to deal with an un-fun family, training Knights of the Round Table in an underwater school in a magical world, fight the Fey and learn to make friends. She wishes she were invisible (but not really). The series includes "Blood of the Fey", "Fire of the Fey" and "Rise of the Fey".

"My Merlin" trilogy by Priya Ardis. This series includes "My Boyfriend Merlin" (a young Merlin goes to high school hoping to recruit candidates to pull Excalibur from a stone), "My Merlin Awakening" (Ryan has become the next champion and all suffer the love triangle between her, Merlin and his brother) and "Ever Present Merlin" (sibling rivalry between Merlin and his brother continues to escalate. Ryan and Merlin struggle with to repel the threat of massive destruction upon the world. They seek the Healing Cup. And then there's Prom…). Set in contemporary times.

"The Night Dance" by Suzanne Weyn.  Bedivere is the one survivor of King Arthur's Round Table entrusted to return Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake.  His life becomes intertwined with Rowena (one of twelve sisters held prisoner in her father's castle).  Evil Morgan le Fay is on hand to wreak her vengeance.

"Otherworld Chronicles" trilogy by Nils Johnson-Shelton. Features teenage video gamer Artie Kingfisher and his sister Kay Kingfisher. Artie is the reincarnation of King Arthur and Kay is one of his Knights. They abandon their common life and adventure into the magical and dangerous Otherworld. Here they must retrieve Excalibur, complete a quest and gain Artie's destined place as King. Merlin is a traitor and Morgaine is evil. Trio includes "The Invisible Tower", "The Seven Swords" and "The Dragon King".

"Page Boy for King Arthur" duology by Eugenia Stone.  A peasant boy rescues Lancelot and is rewarded by being made page to Sir Galahad.  See also sequel "Squire for King Arthur" wherein this same boy rescues Pellinore's son, warns King Arthur of Saxon invasion and is made Sir Pellinore's squire as reward.

"Parzival:  The Quest for the Grail Knight" by Katherine Paterson.  A retelling of the classic story about a young Parzival, who wants to be one of Arthur's Knights and quests for the Holy Grail.  Many lessons are learned along the way.

"Pendragon Legacy" series of 4 by Katherine Roberts. King Arthur's secret daughter Princess Rhianna Pendragon and friends Prince Elphin, Cai and Arianrhod quest to save Camelot from the dark knight Mordred. But even more, they quest for the 4 magical Lights with the power to restore Arthur's soul to his body. This series includes "Horse of Mist" (series prequel), "Sword of Light", "Lance of Truth", "Crown of Dreams" and "Grail of Stars".

"Pendragon's Heir" by Suzannah Rowntree. King Arthur's daughter was spirited away to be raised the ward of a gentleman in Victorian England-unaware of her true identity. This to protect her from the malice of Morgan le Fay. She leads a pleasant life until a gift on her 18th birthday reveals her true heritage. With this she is flung into a world of intrigues, combats, knights, magicians, immortals, trials beyond what she could have imagined or asked for…

"The Prophecy of Three" 2 + ? series by Sam Whitehouse.  The story of three teenagers of contemporary time who are recruited by prophecy for their magic powers and trained for the battle between Merlin and wicked Morgana.  Series includes "The Keys of Time" and "The Demon's Hunt". Two additional books are anticipated.

"The Quest for Excalibur" by Leonard Wibberly.  The humorous adventure of Sir Bors and King Arthur in contemporary rule and tradition-bound England.

"Raven" by Jeramey Burnham and Trevor Ray.  Arthur is reborn as a rebellious youth who reluctantly becomes the leader of a conservationist group.  Their mission is to save an ancient network of linked caves.

"The Red Monocle" trilogy by Wim Coleman. Time travel magical adventures featuring two teenager friends and a strange red monocle. King Arthur, Merlin and apprentice, Sir Kay, Morgan le Fay, Excalibur, Camelot and the Lady of the Lake are all involved. Series includes "The Taker and the Keeper", "The Death of the Good Wizard" and "Invisible Foe".

"The Return to Camelot" trilogy by Donna Hosie. A seventeen-year-old girl dreams herself into a different, dying world-Camelot after the Battle of Camlann. She and her brother adventure to discover the Grail, Crown and Sword to heal the world. The series includes "Searching for Arthur", "The Fire of Merlin" and "The Spirit of Nimue".

"Roar" by Sean Kiernan. The land is filled with drought and plague. Someone must once again hold the mighty Excalibur to smite evil from the land. This person is a teenage girl from a well-off farming family. She sets off on a questing adventure to find Excalibur.

"Rose of Camelot" (anticipated) series by James Philip Cox.  A collectable card game introduces a teenager and his three friends to ancient evil which they must battle.  Luckily, he is a descendant of King Arthur and the one true heir to powerful magical ability.

"Ruins of Camelot" by G. Norman Lippert.  A story within a story featuring a ruinous Camelot and gobs of girl power!

"Searching Heaven's Vault: A Magical Fantasy" by Don Beach. Merlin goes on a quest through time and space to recover his stolen magic wand from an evil, power-hungry magician. Many adventures ensue.

"The Shadows of King Arthur's Kingdom" by Donald Kennedy III and Alice Kennedy. Story of a wanna-be Royal Knight of the Round Table. Adventures include a dangerous quest, battles, dragons, castles and a princess.

"Shallot" trilogy by Felicity Pulman.  The trio includes "Shalott" (using a virtual reality program, five teenagers are zapped back in time to the court of King Arthur.  Unable to return to their own real time, the five are caught up in the dangerous liaison between Lancelot and Guinevere, the deadly magic of Morgan le Fay and Mordred's ambition to rule Camelot), "Return to Shalott" (the five teenagers are back in Camelot again as the past and present collide.  Morgan le Fay and Guinevere are featured) and "Shalott: The Final Journey" (Guinevere calls teenager Callie back to Camelot while her companions meet Mordred on the bloody battlefield of Camlann).

"Sir Machinery" by Tom McGowen.  Merlin travels to modern times and teams up with a scientist named Arthur and his knightly robot.  They endeavor to defeat the demon dwarves led by the evil Urlag.

"Sir Morrok: A Tale of the Dying Days of Arthur" (aka "The Lay of Sir Morrok and the Wolf") by Allen French. The noble Knight Sir Morrok returns to Uther's court. He is transformed into a werewolf by an evil sorceress. Can he ever return to "normal"? How? Nevertheless, he continues to protect and serve.

"The Sleepers" by Jane Curry.  Four children discover Arthur and his knights sleeping underground.  With the help of Myrddin, they prevent Morgan and Medraut from destroying the Sleepers and stealing the thirteen Treasures of Prydein.

"The Song of Arthur" by Robert Leeson.  Arthur is of the Old Ways as a warrior-king defending 5th century England against the invading Saxons.  The tale is told by Arthur's Bard, Talesin.

"Song of the Sparrow" by Lisa Ann Sandell.  A young Elaine of Ascolat (the Lady of Shalott) lives in Arthur's military camp where she mingles with Arthur, Lancelot, Merlin and Gwynivere.  Elaine and Gwynivere both admire Lancelot and smite each other.  However, the two are thrown together and fates hang in the balance– not only their own, but that of all of Britain.  A novel in verse.

"Sons of Avalon Saga" (anticipated) series by Dee Marie.  Set in 5th century Britain.  The tale spans the mysterious birth of Merlin through the conception of Arthur.  A young Merlin advises three High Kings to fight through the bedlam, fight for the right to rule and fight to save the future treasure of Britain.  First series book is "Sons of Avalon:  Merlin's Prophecy".

"Spell" series of 4 by C. J. Busby. This children's series is set in medieval Camelot and features the adventures of an eleven year Max Pendragon. Max is a reluctant squire with desire with a sometimes bumbling talent for wizardry. Other characters are Olivia Pendragon (spirited Knight-in-Training), King Arthur, Lancelot, Merlin, villainous Lady Morgana le Fay, the dragon Adolphus and the duck Vortigern. Series includes "Frogspell", "Cauldron Spells", "Swordspell" and "Icespell".

"Spell Sisters" 5 + ? series by Amber Castle. Children's series set in medieval-like times which imagines the young life of Guinevere. In the first book, an eleven year old Gwen adventures farther than usual and happens upon a magical lake and the isle of Avalon. Nineve (the Lady of the Lake) compels Gwen on a quest to protect Avalon from evil sorceress Morgana le Fay. Morgana has imprisoned the Spell Sisters throughout the Kingdom and stolen their magical powers. Gwen and her BFF Flora must find the Sisters and return them to Avalon. The series begins with "Sophia: the Flame".

"Squire" trilogy by Peter Telep.  The story of young squire to King Arthur who carries the invincible Excalibur.  The series follows his adventures which include rejection of knighthood and a betrayal of King Arthur.  This trilogy includes "Squire", "Squire's Blood" and "Squire's Honor".

"The Squire's Tale" series of 10 by Gerald Morris.  These are tales of Arthurian legends and Sir Gawain's adventures as told by his loyal teenage squire. A goodly Lady Morgan Le Fay appears throughout the series. The series of slim volumes begins with "The Squire's Tale and the Maiden's Knight". Grand adventure with a good dose of humor.

"Steel Magic" (aka "Gray Magic") by Andre Norton.  Loosely based on the legends of King Arthur and Roland. Three kids adventuring find a secret and magical gateway to an otherworld of Avalon.  They meet Huon of the Horn, the Warden of the West, the Warden of the West Arthur, and Merlin.  Avalon is in danger and must be saved.  Thus begins the quest. A final stand for Avalon.

"A Step Sideways" by Nancy Marie Bell.  Gort steps into an alternative world beyond his imagination after he is traumatized by the death of his parents and brutally beaten by his abusive uncle.  In this other world, he takes on the persona/life of Sir Gawain, a Knight of King Arthur's Round Table.  He communicates telepathically with his mighty horse companion.  Together they intrigue and adventure.

"The Stolen Lake" by Joan Aiken.  After Arthur's last battle, survivors of his reign immigrated to South America.  They meet a 1300-year-old Guinevere who is ruler and still awaits Arthur.  The status quo of this corrupt regime is upset with the arrival of quick-witted young heroine.

"The Stone Crown" by Malcolm Walker.  The story intertwines the truly Dark Ages with contemporary times and the linked lives of two "misfit" teenagers.  They discover wooden figures at an ancient site and unwittingly release the soul which has been held captive in the figure by the Keepers.  Havoc is wreaked in the 21st century.  More havoc is threatened by a malicious Arthur should he also escape his wooden trappings.  The two teenagers become caught between an ancient curse and the Keepers, and are thrust into parallel world of myth and magic.  Narrated by Arthur's Master-at-Arms Cei.

"Stones of Camelot" by Brian Stableford.  A young changeling rejected by Faerie travels back to Camelot with Merlin to discover the mystery of his origins.  Morgana Le Fay barters assistance and ultimately King Arthur's kingdom falls.

"Stranger in the Mist" by Paul McCusker.  A mysterious stranger appears in the town of Fawlt Line, wearing ancient looking clothes, speaking only Latin and claiming to be King Arthur.  Two young townspeople help him return to Britain. Time travel fantasy.

"A String in the Harp" by Nancy Bond.  A young 20th century boy finds the tuning fork (key) for Taliesin's harp and is unwillingly transported to 6th century Wales. He adventures in time and struggles to return the key to Taliesin's grave versus capture by an evil museum curator.

"Sword and the Dream" duology by Janice Elliott.  Arthur awakens and maintains a presence as a sub-plot, leading to a fantastic finale complete with re-born Knights of the Round Table.  The set includes "The King Awakes" and "The Empty Throne".

"The Sword in the Tree" by Clyde Robert Bulla.  Lord Weldon's son and wife, displaced by a wicked uncle, appeal to King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table for justice.

"Sword of the Rightful King" by Jane Yolen.  Merlin the Magician devises a way for young Arthur to prove himself the rightful King of England by pulling a sword from a stone.  However, trouble arises when someone else removes the sword first.  Morgause is the primary antagonist.

"Sydney Wakefield:  Into the Faraway" by Kimberly J. Smith.  After the mysterious death of his favorite author (who wrote about a young girl and her time travels to Avalon to rescue King Arthur from an evil Morgan le Fay), a psychic boy must finish the quest.  The boy starts communicating with the author's ghost to discover her stories have come true in Avalon.

"The Table of Less Valued Knights" by Marie Phillips.  A bawdy, comic re-imagination of the antics of the Knights of the Round table….er, I mean, the Knights not of the Round Table (those who didn't quite merit a seat there).

"A Tale of King Arthur, Merlin and Cabal" 4 + ? series by John Conlee.  Unique retelling of the story of Arthur as narrated and perceived by his dog Cabal. The series begins with "The Dragon Stone".

"The Tale of Sir Gawain" by Neil Philip. A dying Sir Gawain recalls his life to a young squire. Basically the entire Arthurian cycle is covered through several tales and legends of Gawain's adventures.

"Taliesin" trilogy by Frances Thomas. A retelling of the story of the Dark Ages bard Taliesin. The series covers Taliesin's origins, acquisition of supernatural powers, magical rescues, perilous journeys and fall of the house of Urien. Series includes "The Blindfold Track", "Knot of Spells" and "The Region of the Summer Stars".

"The Third Magic" by Welwyn Wilton Katz.  A teenage Morgan Lefevre is confused for her very distant relative when visiting Tintagel (King Arthur's birthplace) and is transported through time and space.  She becomes doomed to an antagonistic fate with Arthur to battle and blur history.

"The Thirty-First of June: A Tale of True Love, Enterprise and Progress in the Arthurian and Ad-Atomic Ages" by J. B. Priestley. A princess from the time of King Arthur, and man from contemporary times fall in love. Both have time-travel adventures while continuing to hope for togetherness. Pokes fun at several modern day conventions.

"Trial of Three" by Sandra Unerman. A story of rebellion early in King Arthur's reign and the trials undergone by Cei, Bedwyr and Gawain.

"Twilight Province" by George Finkel.  Story told by Bedwyr looking back on the life of Arthur especially at the time when the Romans were departing.

"Warriors of Camlann" by N.M. Browne.  Two contemporary teenagers are transported in time to the fall of Camelot.  They are brought to the court of the untrustworthy War Duke of Britain, Artorius Ursus (who will become King Arthur).  Taliesin appears as their friend and guide.

"Ways of Camelot" 3 + ? series by Eric Lorenzen.  Features the adventures of a twenty-seven-year-old magician-in-training.  His adventures already include magical warfare, battling a sorceress and monsters, protecting King Arthur from enemy sorcerers and saving the kingdom.  Series starts with "Road of Leaves".

"The Weathermonger" by Peter Dickinson. Britain suffers medieval ways when a misguided chemist prematurely awakens Merlin. A young boy and his sister are pursued by angry lords and peasants as they race to convince Merlin to resume his hibernation. (This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Changes" trilogy.)

"The Whispering Knights" by Penelope Lively. Three children concoct a brew, say a spell and inadvertently evoke the evil sorceress Morgan le Fay back to life. The children do battle to save their village. A ghostly tale.

"Wildworld" (anticipated) trilogy by L. J. Smith. Original fantasy and Arthurian legend are interwoven in this series. Features the adventures of four young siblings and worthy sorceress Morgan Shee who guards the passageway between Earth and parallel universe Wildwood. Merlin is but one of the enemies. Series includes "The Night of the Solstice" and "Heart of Valor".

"Winter of Magic's Return" duology by Pamela Service.  Convinced that a new age of magic is about to begin in the wake of the nuclear holocaust, a young resurrected Merlin and two friends set out to bring back King Arthur.  Set includes "Winter of Magic's Return" and "Tomorrow's Magic".

"Wizard of Wind and Rock" by Pamela Service and illustrated by Laura Marshall. A story of Merlin including how he came by his name, wanders about in loneliness, discovers his magical powers, prevented a fortress from sinking and the testing of his powers by an angry Vortigern.

"Worldstone" by Victoria Strauss.  The realms of magic and technology are no longer united after Arthur's death.  A group quests to return the Grail (the Worldstone originally stolen by Percival) to the world of Mindpower from the modern world of Handpower.

"Young Knights" trilogy by Julia Golding (aka Joss Stirling and Eve Edwards).  Series taps into Arthur legends and weaves them together with the myth of the Fey.  Trio includes "Young Knights of the Round Table", "Pendragon" and "Merlin".

"Young Merlin" series of 5 + ? by Jane Watkins.  The first book "Sword of Destiny" involves a young Merlin on the planet Xann.  He meets and teams with the Asgard Keeper of the Universe.  Merlin receives Excalibur in an exchange to combat evil.  He also receives seven lives (and seven deaths?).

"Young Merlin" slim trilogy by Jane Yolen.  The series chronicles the younger years of Merlin's life; from foundling, to magician's assistant, to wild child who befriends/adopts Arthur.  All the while Merlin is plagued by magical dreams.  Trilogy includes "Passenger", "Hobby" and "Merlin".


"Arthurian Literature by Women" edited by Alan and Barbara Lupak.  A collection of poetry, plays and prose from medieval to contemporary writings.

"The Boy's King Arthur:  Sir Thomas Malory's History of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table" edited by Sydney Lanier.  A collection of "rousing" stories adapted from Sir Thomas Malory's "Le Morte d'Arthur".

"The Camelot Chronicles:  Heroic Fantasy from the Age of Legend" edited by Mike Ashley.  Eighteen stories (4 new) by best-selling authors of fantasy and fiction.

"Camelot:  A Collection of Original Arthurian Stories" edited by Jane Yolen.  Ten original Arthurian stories geared to the young adult reader.

"Camelot Fantastic" edited by Lawrence Schimel and Martin Greenberg.  Seven original short stories about King Arthur and his court in legendary Camelot.

"A Camelot Triptych" by Norris Lacy.  Three Arthurian short stories.  Each main character interprets the disastrous events causing the fall of Camelot.  Stories include "Merlin's Tale", "The Winter's Queen" and "Mordred's Manuscript".

"The Chronicles of the Holy Grail:  The Ultimate Quest from the Age of Arthurian Legend" edited by Mike Ashley.  An anthology of twenty-one stories (13 new and 9 reprints).

"The Chronicles of the Round Table:  Adventure, Chivalry and Valour from the Age of Arthurian Legend" edited by Mike Ashley.  A collection of twenty-three stories (19 new and 4 reprints) by familiar authors.

"The Court of King Arthur:  Stories from the Land of the Round Table" by William Henry Frost.  A collection of children's stories presented as travelogues to important Arthurian sites in England. One of a two volume collection of Arthurian stories for children. The other is "Knights of the Round Table: Stories of King Arthur and the Holy Grail".

"Doom of Camelot" edited by James Lowder.  Fourteen original stories and two poems exploring Arthur's fellowship with the Knights of the Round Table and the collapse of Camelot.

"Dragon's Son" by Sarah L. Thomson.  A collection of stories which feature the family and servants important in the life of King Arthur.  Included is a story of Medrud's (Mordred) lust for power and Camelot's downfall.

"Excalibur:  Sword of Magic, Sword of Myth" edited by Richard Gilliam, Martin Greenberg and Edward Kramer.  An anthology of stories (and some poems) concerning the sword Excalibur. The stories range in time from Camelot to the present day. Written by familiar fantasy authors.

"The Fall of Camelot" by Ellen Phillips. From his early years with Merlin, to the rise of Camelot and Round Table, to his doom and destruction of the kingdom. Lavishly illustrated retelling of the Arthurian story in chapters inspired by Malory. Edited by Time-Life Books and part of the "The Enchanted World" series. (See also of this series "Legends of Valor".)

"Grails:  Quests of the Dawn" edited by Richard Gilliam and Martin H. Greenberg.  Twenty-five tales and poems dealing with the Grail.  Variety of familiar authors. See sequel "Grails: Visitations in the Night".

Grails:  Visitations in the Night" edited by Richard Gilliam and Martin H. Greenberg.  Sequel to "Grails:  Quests of the Dawn".  Stories by twenty-five noted fantasy writers focusing on Chalice quest.

"In the Court of King Arthur" by Samuel Lowe. Tales of King Arthur and his legendary Knights of the Round Table. Sir Galahad is the main focus, although other Knights are also included in the stories.

"Invitation to Camelot" edited by Parke Godwin.  Twelve original short stories about King Arthur and Camelot.

"Isaac Asimov's Camelot" edited by Gardner Dozois and Sheila Williams.  Ten short stories about Camelot, King Arthur, Merlin and the Round Table Knights.  The stories have previously appeared in "Asimov's Science Fiction" magazine.

"King of Ages: A King Arthur Anthology" by Paola K. Amaras (aka Paula Kamaralas) and Patricia S. Baker. Thirteen short stories with a different reimagining of Arthur and Merlin across space and time. Includes historical fiction, sci-fi, fantasy and satire.

"King Arthur" collection of four by Howard Pyle. The collection of short stories includes "The Story of King Arthur and His Knights" (stories of Arthur and Lady Guinevere, Lancelot, Merlin the Wise, Gawaine, Morgana le Fay, Tristram and Iseult, Elaine the Fair and Sir Galahad), "The Story of the Champions of the Round Table" (the early chivalrous adventures of three of the most illustrious Knights of the Round Table: Sir Lancelot, Sir Tristram and Sir Percival), "The Story of Sir Lancelot and His Companions" (adventures of Sir Lancelot; the most familiar of King Arthur's Knights) and "The Story of the Grail and the Passing of Arthur" (how Galahad acquired the Holy Grail, the battle between Lancelot and Gawaine and King Arthur's death by Mordred).

"King Arthur and the Grail Quest: Myth and Vision from Celtic Times to the Present" by John Matthews. Stories of the heroic, godlike Arthur and of a mystic object of quest, the Holy Grail.

"King Arthur and His Knights" by Deirdre Headon and illustrated by Julek Heller.  Stories of King Arthur and court at Camelot.

"King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table" edited by Roger Lancelyn Green.  A collection of twenty-three short stories covering Arthur's rise, triumphant reign and tragic passing.

"Knights of the Round Table:  Stories of King Arthur and the Holy Grail" by William Henry Frost.  Stories presented as travelogues to important Arthurian sites in England. One of a two volume collection of Arthurian stories for children. The other is "The Court of King Arthur: Stories from the Land of the Round Table".

"The Last Defender of Camelot" by Roger Zelazny.  Lancelot forms an alliance with Morgan le Fay to prevent a re-awakened Merlin from imposing his will upon a new age.  First published in the Summer 1979 issue of "Asimov's SF Adventure Magazine".

"Legends of the Pendragon" edited by James Lowder.  An anthology of short stories covering the early days of Arthur's realm.

"Legends of Valor" by Brendan Lehane. A lavishly illustrated retelling of the exploits of legendary Irish heroes and King Arthur et. al Edited by Time-Life Books and part of the "The Enchanted World" series. (See also of this series "The Fall of Camelot".)

"Magic of Camelot" by Gabrielle Gilkison.  A collection of stories of Camelot related in first-person by Isabel; powerful witch and obsessed wife to a complex Mordred.

"The Mammoth Book of Arthurian Legends" edited by Mike Ashley.  An anthology of forty stories by familiar fiction and fantasy authors.  Includes several new and original ones.

"The Mammoth Book of Merlin" edited by Mike Ashley. (An expanded edition of "The Merlin Chronicles" by Ashley with 3 additional stories and omission of 1.) Twenty-four tales chronicling the adventures of Merlin. Vivian and Nimue, the Lady of the Lake appear often.

"Merlin" edited by Gregory Benford and Martin Greenberg.  A short story collection imagining an alternative history of Merlin.

"The Merlin Chronicles:  Magic and Adventure from the Age of Legend" edited by Mike Ashley.  Seventy-two new stories written specifically for this collection by familiar fantasy authors.

"Merlin Dreams" by Peter Dickinson with illustrations by Allen Lee. Nine stories written as dreams of shaman Merlin as he tries to escape from his powers during a long, enchanted sleep under a stone.

"Merlin's Booke" by Jane Yolen.  Ten interconnected stories, prose and poetry tell a tale of Merlin's mysterious life.

"The Merriest Knight: The Collected Arthurian Tales of Theadore Goodridge Roberts" by Theodore Goodridge Roberts. A collection of "bright and witty" tales of Sir Dinadan and other Arthurian adventures.

"The Olde Code" by Shari Prestwood and Ashley Koopersmith. Twelve familiar tales of Arthurian lore reinvented.

"Out of Avalon:  An Anthology of Old Magic and New Myths" edited by Jennifer Roberson.  Fifteen fantasy stories focusing on the female aspect of Arthurian legend.

"The Pendragon Chronicles:  Heroic Fantasy from the Time of King Arthur" edited by Mike Ashley.  Sixteen Arthurian tales reworked by familiar fantasy authors.  The stories are arranged chronologically from Arthur's childhood to his death.

"Return to Avalon" edited by Jennifer Roberson.  A short story tribute collection wherein each author' story represents the essence of Marion Zimmer Bradley.

"The Road to Camelot:  Moments of Destiny for Arthur and His Friends" edited by Sophie Masson.  Collection featuring characters in Camelot when they were teenagers.  Written by a variety of Australian fantasy writers.

"Rude Tales and Glorious: Being the Only True Account of Diverse Feats of Brawn and Bawd Performed by King Arthur and His Knights of the Table Round" by Nicholas Seare.  A satirical reinvention of the Arthurian tales.  Merlin is a con artist and pimp, Gwen is a prostitute and Arthur is Merlin's assistant.  Bawdy humor.

"The Song of Arthur:  Celtic Tales from King Arthur's Court" by John Matthews.  Seventeen original stories and some poetry.  A retelling of legends, myths, and folktales drawn from the Welsh Mabinogion, the Taliesin tradition, the Book of Leinster, the story of Perceval, Malory's Morte d'Arthur and other traditional sources.

"The Song of Taliesin:  Songs and Poems from the Books of Broceliande" by John Matthews.  Twenty ancient Welsh tales brought to life.

"The Story of King Arthur" by Robin Lister.  Fourteen tales retelling the King Arthur legends.  Young reader illustrated collection.

"Stories of King Arthur's Knights - Told to the Children" by Mary MacGregor. Six Arthurian tales retold for children. Color illustrated by Katherine Cameron. From the "Told to the Children" series.

"Tales of Arthur:  Adventure Stories from the Arthurian Legend" edited by John Matthews and R. J. Stewart. A retelling of six classic Arthurian stories.

"Tales of Brave Adventure" by Enid Blyton.  This collection includes Arthurian tales as well as those about Robin Hood.

"Tales of the Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic" by Thomas Wentworth Higgison.  Short story collection featuring Atlantis, Taliessin, Merlin, Sir Lancelot of the Lake and King Arthur of Avalon.

"Tales of King Arthur" by Felicity Books.  Short simple stories for the young reader featuring all-things-Arthur.

"That Way Lies Camelot" by Janny Wurts.  Fifteen short stories of fantasy and science fiction (high fantasy to space opera).

"Top Ten Arthurian Legend" (Twisted Tales) by Margaret Simpson. Ten familiar Arthurian tales told with a twist!

"Up the Wall & Other Tales of King Arthur and His Knights" by Esther Friesner.  Five stories and one poem all previously published: "Wake-Up Call", "Articles of Faith", "Chivalry", "The Death of Nimue" "Up the Wall" and "The Three Queens".  Humorous.

"Warriors of Arthur" by John Matthews and Bob Stewart.  Rewritten versions of Arthurian legends with original pagan Welsh names and themes.

"The World of Camelot: King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table" by Michael Foss. A retelling of some of the most familiar Arthurian stories.


Bibliography of King Arthur.  Wikipedia site with an extensive bibliography of works about King Arthur, his world, family, friends and enemies. This bibliography includes works that are notable or are by notable authors of various languages, beginning with 6th century publications through contemporary times.

Bibliography of Novels with Arthurian Characters and Themes.  230+ novels arranged alphabetically by author.  Singles and series noted.

The Camelot Project.  University of Rochester-Robbins Library Digital Project.  Search authors and texts, artists and images, characters, symbols and motifs, places and creatures.  A rich site.

Goodreads Arthurian Lists.  Reader-created lists related to Arthurian mythology.  Good site for reader reviews and lengthy book lists.

The Matter of Britain.  Wikipedia site dealing with the Matter of Britain- a name given collectively to the body of literature and legendary material associated with Great Britain and its legendary kings, particularly King Arthur.

Modern Arthurian Fiction.  Lengthy Trivium Publishing list arranged alphabetically by author.

Modern Arthurian Fiction.  Wikipedia page with fiction works organized alphabetically by title.

Taliesin's Successors.  Lengthy list of interviews with (generally) familiar authors of modern Arthurian literature sponsored by the Rochester University's Camelot Project.

Works Based on Arthurian Legend.  Wikipedia page listing Arthurian legend in modern literature, theater, opera, film, television, comics, games and music.

You might also enjoy this Historical Fiction Series book list. It is a massive book list of historical fiction series organized by locale and focus. Take a look!

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